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TMDSAS and MCAT score releases: release now, or wait until the better scores?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by da8s0859q, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. That's basically my question. I took the MCAT in January, scored a questionable 24S (9/9/6), retook 05/23, and am almost definitely going to score higher overall. Worried about the PS, but I digress.

    Anyway, my understanding is that there's a batch of TMDSAS apps going out next week, so it would seem to be in my best interest to have an MCAT score with them. I was told by one person that I should release my scores even though the existing one is "iffy" and the second one is pending; another person advised I wait the few weeks. The TAMHSC admissions office said to release scores now since they won't really review the application until the listed May MCAT scores are made available.

    What say you? Anyone know the admissions practices from a good source of the rest of the Texas MD schools?
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  3. Still awaiting response from two med schools I emailed. What say you folks?

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