TMDSAS MD/MPH - - now or later?

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May 25, 2016
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Over the years, I have developed an interest in public health and want to pursue an MPH in med school, but I am unsure if designating MD/MPH on TMDSAS will put me at a disadvantage for admittance. I know now that some AMCAS schools become more competitive for MD/MPH (like UCLA), so I am only putting MD on AMCAS. However, I am still unsure what to do for TMDSAS, especially since most of the MD/MPH programs are 4-years and may benefit from being applied to simultaneously/before matriculation.

I have already submitted my TMDSAS primary for verification (not verified yet), with MD/MPH programs specified. But since learning of the possibly disadvantage, should I request they be changed to MD and apply for MPH later this year/when I'm a med student, or will the effect of MD/MPH on the application be negligible?


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