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Jun 21, 2006
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  1. Medical Student
During the past week or two I have gotten 2 invitations to interview: Rosalind Franklin and Rush. Now I'm a bit puzzled.

Back in October I had an interview at SIU which went OK but I think I lacked the strong desire to enter their unique curriculum. Regardless I was given a waitlist position (which from them sounds like a drawn out rejection since for the past few years they haven't even been able to give out acceptances to all the people they want to accept [Accept with place available], much less the waitlisters).

So I started to count myself out for this round and bought the EK Complete Study Package to start prepping for the MCAT in April. I'm hoping to really nail it this time, and I've already begun studying. But these 2 interviews have thrown me off. I guess my question is:

Do I really stand a chance at gaining an acceptance this late in the game? As it stands, I would be taking some of the last available interview spots. Would I really only stand a chance at gaining a waitlist spot? I mean regardless I'm going to continue studying for the MCAT and of course I'm going to try to blow them both away at the interviews. I guess I'm just wondering if I should bother to get my hopes up or not.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!



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Jul 29, 2006
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  1. Pre-Medical
obviously, you certainly deserve to have hope. congratulations on your interviews & do your best at them. i think you definitely have a shot at both schools. but if continuing to study for the mcat will allay some of your fears, and you'd still like to prepare for the next cycle, then by all means keep plugging away. it won't hurt.

i'm also waiting to hear from RFU and Rush, and would love an interview from either place. i'm in a somewhat similar place as you, but unlike you, i had to wait until i got my august mcat scores to apply. and i'm definitely paying for the late application, so my hope for this cycle is quickly dwindling. anyway best of luck with the interviews, and i'm sure that you will soon bask in the glory of an early application!
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