Took the wrong course in college, can I say I repeated it? AACOMAS

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Sep 2, 2017
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Last year I took a biochem/molecular biology course before I should have (chalk it up to poor advising and ignorance/ I had not taken the prerequisite course). This particular biochem course was also the course specifically for biochem majors, which I was not (i am ChemE). Anyway, I did not realize any of this until it was too late to drop the course and I ended up with a D+.

After this happened I decided to take the courses I was supposed to take, starting with Cellular and Molecular Biology and then Biochem the semester after that. I got an A in both of these courses.

So my question is if on my AACOMAS application would I be able to say I repeated the course I got a D+ in, even though it has a different course number? If not, is there any way I could show the admissions committees of the mistake that occurred and how I corrected it? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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Feb 28, 2017
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I'd say no for two reasons.

1. Its a different course at the same university, so I don't believe AACOMAS will let you.
2. How exactly are you going to explain this to adcoms? "I took this course that was more difficult than the one I was supposed to take and failed it, but you should let me into your medical school which is significantly more difficult anyway."?

Medical schools also have classes like Histology and Immunology. Undergrad immuno/histo have prereqs like microbio which aren't required for entry medical school. Are you saying you'd also fail these classes in medical school because you didn't take those prereqs?

You need to own the grade you received and show that you can handle a med school curriculum to adcoms.
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