1. H

    Should I take 1 quarter or 2 quarters of biochemistry?

    My school (UG) offers a 1 quarter biochem course which isn't as hard as the 2 quarter series biochem. I'm not confident in my ability to get an A in the series offering. The thing is, some dental schools ask for just 4 credits (1 quarter), while some ask for "Half-year". I don't know if 1...
  2. CutsWithFury

    Best Conferences & Courses

    What are some of the best conferences and courses you have ever been to? What are some conferences you are thinking about attending? I will go first. Best courses you have attended: 1) Arthrex MIS course 2) Orthofix Flaps and Frames 3) St. Louis Foot and Ankle Arthroscopy Best conferences...
  3. B

    Too few courses senior year?

    About to enter my senior year of college (woo!) and will apply to med school summer 2023 (taking the MCAT in one month). Just a quick question - at my college, the average student takes 4 courses a semester (the lab is a part of the course and is considered within the 1 unit). The past 3 years...
  4. H

    How should I prepare for the B Optometry Entrance Exam

    How should I prepare for the B Optometry Entrance Exam Optometry is the branch of health science that deals with the defects of vision and diagnosing and treating such conditions. Optometrists help in correcting vision through spectacles, contact lens and other similar accessories. They also...
  5. H

    No Biochemistry Offered At My School?

    I go to a community college and there are no other colleges/universities in my area (for at least 90+ miles). My college does not offer biochemistry! I am really frustrated since I know I could take it online at another university, but that doesn't look great for admissions from what I've heard...
  6. C

    Undergrad Majors / Minors

    Hey all! I'm a current sophomore majoring in biology (BS) with a minor in chem and looking to add something else. Right now, I'm thinking of majoring or minoring in either Evolutionary Anthropology or Religious Studies. I think I'd enjoy either quite a bit, but was wondering if anyone could talk...
  7. medschoolcycle_22

    Which of these courses should I take for BCPM gpa?

    So I was wondering what courses you would recommend taking that would count towards BCPM GPA? There's environmental toxicology (it's listed under BIOL), Neurology, Virology. Which one would you recommend? I was also wondering if research methods would count under BCPM? It's listed as BIOL4560...
  8. khunmohdokhtar

    Schools that have expirations for pre-reqs?

    Just as the title (hopefully) gets at, does anyone have a list or have a good idea of which schools have expirations (require you to take the course recently) on pre-req courses? I had a spreadsheet going earlier this cycle that made notes here and there of which school wanted pre-reqs to be...
  9. J

    Studying Spanish in Guadalajara, Mexico

    Just wanted to post this thread in the hopes that it might help someone out in the future. If you're looking to study Spanish abroad somewhere, I highly recommend the classes offered by the University of Guadalajara at their College of Spanish and Mexican Culture (CECM Colegio de Español y...
  10. D

    Took the wrong course in college, can I say I repeated it? AACOMAS

    Last year I took a biochem/molecular biology course before I should have (chalk it up to poor advising and ignorance/ I had not taken the prerequisite course). This particular biochem course was also the course specifically for biochem majors, which I was not (i am ChemE). Anyway, I did not...
  11. C

    Is this too heavy of a course load at summer UC Berkeley Extension?

    Hi everyone! I am an undergrad at Berkeley and planning on taking summer courses at UCB Extension this summer and was wondering if you have personally taken any of these classes with any of these specific professors since reviews about they are pretty scattered and if so, how would these...
  12. I

    Hardest Pre-med courses

    Rank these courses from most to least difficult, please: Genetics OChem 1 Physics 1 Ecology Biochem Intro to Neuro Human Physiology I want to take 2 of these courses over the summer, 3 at the same time in the fall semester, and the rest I will take later. What combination would be the most...
  13. T

    Nontraditional applicant — do all my pre-reqs from UG still count towards my application?

    Hi all, New to SDN and planning on taking the MCAT this summer. I am 31, have a PhD in health behavior from UT Austin and did a post-doc at ASU. I graduated from Baylor University with a BS in Biology and a minor in chemistry with a 4.0 GPA. I also had a 4.0 in all of grad school. It is a...
  14. Snickerdoodle1996

    Basic Pharmacology Course Before Medical School

    Hi everyone, My university offers a basic pharmacology course tailored to serve as a foundation for medical school. I am working on my schedule for my last semester before starting medical school in the Fall. I am wondering if it is worth taking this course or if I should just take other...
  15. N

    Should I take extra classes so I can apply to more schools?

  16. F

    Will my light course load hurt me?

    I’m currently attending an online (big name and regionally accredited) university for psychology. I can’t give up a full time salary, so I’m switching from my job in aviation to become a surgical tech - this way, I can gain clinical experience, LOR’s, volunteer opportunities, network, etc. With...
  17. psyflgirl

    Courses in my AMCAS application

    Hello, I am trying to fill out my application but a bit confused about whether to include some of the classes I took before my associates. I called amcas in two different occasions and I received two different answers, the second one more confusing than the first one. Apparently they don't come...
  18. C

    Bad Grade in Gen Chem II Lab

    Hi - I am a cognitive science major (a junior in college) and I am considering doing a psychology grad program with a focus on neuroscience. One thing that worries me is that I received a terrible grade in gen chem II lab- a D+ (I understood the material, but I was late with turning in lab...
  19. E

    Anatomy/Physiology on OAT?

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to take the OAT in the spring or summer of next year and was wondering, how much anatomy and/or physiology is on the OAT? Human Physiology is one of the hardest biology courses at my school, so I was wondering if it's worth it to try and take that class or if I will be...
  20. Awkotaku

    What classes did you take before the MCAT?

    Hi, I am currently a sophomore in college and have taken general chemistry, physics, English, psychology, sociology, mathematics, and some statistics courses. I will be taking biology and organic chemistry in my junior year, genetics the summer before my senior year, and taking the yearlong...
  21. V

    Combined Anatomy and Physiology sequence vs separate?

    I am looking at my school's PT pre-reqs, and for the A&P sequence, there is an option to take either: Human Anatomy (4 credits), then Human Physiology with lab (3+1), and also a separate anatomy lab (1). OR Anatomy & Physiology I + lab (3+1), then Anatomy & Physiology II + lab (3+1). I imagine...
  22. liketb12

    PLEASE HELP!!! Switched Calc 2 to Cal 1

    Hey everyone, Last semester, I had to take Calc for the life and social sciences, basically an applied calc class, because there was only one calc 1 class and it was full. However that class was not the same as taking actual Calc 1 as they omitted practically all of trig, exponential, and log...
  23. AldeHide

    Need Advice, Finalizing Course Schedule for Post Bacc work

    I recently graduated with a BS in Human Physiology. I am sitting at a 3.0 which is obviously too low for a medical college application. During this time I am also conducting research with an ER doc completely volunteer based where he has allowed me to head my own proposal and study as the...
  24. Dhudez

    Updated ADEA Course List Question

    Hey Everyone, I just saw the updated course list and I noticed a few things are different: Cognitive Psychology along with Brain and Behavior are no longer under the Biology section. They now have their own section labeled as "Behavioral Science". Does this mean that these classes no longer...
  25. S

    CME Money to burn

    Hey Guys- I have about $975 of CME money left to spend for the yr. Already renewed EMRAP and got Rosh for the upcoming CONCERT as well as a couple of books. I'm told I can't use this money for laptops, phones, scrubs, stethescopes. CME, conferences, educational stuff and professional...
  26. Niikkiiii

    In Danger of Failing classes

    Hello friends, So I have finals in a few days, and I am concerned with a couple of classes, and I'm not sure what to do. I am currently failing my anatomy class, but have discussed withdrawing with my professor, so I'm guessing if I fail, I don't think he'll put an F as my grade, but instead...
  27. Kawasaki95

    Science electives that will help in medical school

    Hello, I am currently going into my final semester of undergraduate and require two electives to complete my degree. I was wondering which two of the following would be most beneficial for medical school. The five following courses are offered to undergraduate students and are taught by the...
  28. M

    Senior Spring Classes

    Hopefully on December 1st, we all will be receiving some good news! With that being said and the hopes of receiving good news, does anyone know if dental schools care about the strength of our schedule senior spring (assuming we get in before then). I was considering taking no science classes...
  29. Poodles29

    Taking extra classes at a community college?

    Is it a good idea to take some GE and BCPM (non-prerequisite) courses at a local community college to boost my low GPA?
  30. balancedladydr

    Help to finish prereqs and MCAT by Fall 2018

    Hi All, I am very new here and need a little help organizing my class schedule. I was originally going the PA route and through shadowing, volunteering and knowing what I'd like to do a bit more, I have decided (pretty recently) to shift gears towards med school. I would still like to fit in all...
  31. Neuro_Man


    Hey guys, I am just wondering if anyone knows which medical schools have calc 1 as a requirement. My school doesn't require it so I took a year of stats. I would like to know if it is worth my time to take a calc course prior to application cycle next year.
  32. D

    A day in the live of a DVM student [Guelph University]

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what the program is like. How many courses do you take per semester? What are they like? Does school run during summer? How many hours/week are you in school? What is the workload outside of classes? I'm a graduate (research) student...
  33. K

    Any reviews or thoughts on these Implant Courses for GP?

    Hi, I'm a GP in DC region looking for a comprehensive implant course. So I did some search and they are very expensive and I didn't want to take any random courses with that kind of money. So far I've found 1. MaxiCourse by AAID specifically the one in Rutgers' Dental School in NJ (this was...
  34. 8


  35. R

    Post Bacc Questions

    How do courses differ in the eyes of adcoms for example gen bio vs intro to bio?
  36. N

    Question about taking courses during gap years

    So I'll still have around 2-3 courses to take after I graduate (started pre-med coursework late). I'm aiming to take two gap years so I'd take the courses in my first gap year, take the MCAT early that spring, and apply during the second gap year. I'd really like to pursue a research position...
  37. N

    Is my pre-med advisor right regarding coursework?

    I'll be a senior next year, only seriously started down the pre-med path my junior year, though I'd taken some science coursework, and thus some pre-reqs, out of interest in my previous two years. My pre-med advisor is advising that I take more than the usual course load for my school to finish...
  38. Y

    Number of Research Experiences for Residency

    How many research experiences does the average medical student has when applying for residency? For example, I currently am writing an article with an ortho surgeon, which we are hoping to publish by october this year and will be presented as a poster as well in september. I am also working on...
  39. K

    Electives - which will help if any?

    So I'm trying to decide on electives for my senior year of college because I have a little wiggle room with credits. I'm wondering if I should just take whichever class interests me or if any of these will actually help with medical school (and admissions) and/or the MCAT. Options are...
  40. iamsolemn

    Help with High School Math/Science Courses

    Hello iamsolemn, I am a freshman in high school right now and am taking Biology G/T and Geometry G/T (G/T is gifted and talented, above honors). Next year, I plan on taking Algebra II and Chemistry. However, my question is I am not that very good at math as I find it tedious and boring. So...