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Top Score Pat test#3


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10+ Year Member
Jul 11, 2007
  1. Pre-Dental
    Ok, either I am so stupid and can't recognize these question or the answers are completely wrong!! which I believe the second choice is true!! I am talking about top score pat#3 questions # 4, 6 and 14. For #4 why choice A is not correct (from left/right)? how about #6? I can see the top entry but the dimensions are not correct? and # 14 how we get A???? does anybody else have the same problem?


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    10+ Year Member
    Apr 20, 2008
    1. Dental Student
      YES YES YES YES topscore is a PAIN IN THE A** with the incorrect answers. not only is the PAT gimpy, it also makes you think you're a ***** as well!!!

      #4 it is E. A is too narrow in the lateral aspect. the proportions are not good for A.

      #6 I had a problem with this stupid shape on one of the earlier exams. it also had no answer and I was left choosing between two wrong answers. this one isn't all too different. yes the proportions for E is absolutely WRONG, but its the closest guess you've got. (the little bock on top is not wide enough, or the block on the bottom is not narrow enough for it to be a perfect fit...)

      #14 again, bad shape appeared on an earlier test. you know its not D because the center part of the shape is too high. you know its not C because the center part of the shape is too low. throw out B and E, and you're left with A. it fits through this shape from the left/right. don't forget that if you simplify the shape, its just two blocks next to each other. turned on they're side, they'd be two blocks stacked on top of each other. two blocks stacked on top of each other will be wider than either one alone (obviously. swear I'm not making fun of you, topscore is ******ed with the PAT) this is how the shape fits through that hole. I kinda doubt any of that explanation made any sense though...

      other problem shapes in this test:

      #3 the center part of the shape does not look like its protruding. it rather looks like the sides of the center are indenting. answer looks more like C than E.

      #15 I believe that both A and C are correct. one turned to one side, and the other to the other side... both are correct proportions to be correct. (well actually they're both wrong, the round column on top is too short for both, but they are both just as wrong as each other)

      #26 the top view and end view are of differently oriented shapes. using the top view only, the answer would be A. using the end view only the answer would be D-ish but not really D. the "correct" answer is supposed to be C, but it is absolutely wrong in my eyes.

      and overall, shapes and questions repeat them selves multiple times across the 3 tests. I feel like this PAT is more for beginners...
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