Touro CA vs Western COMP

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Jun 1, 2018
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Touro CA
  • Cheaper by a little bit
  • Closer to home
  • Closer to boyfriend (trying to not consider this)

  • Rotation sites seem to be worse, per previous SDN post
  • Coastal Touro’s have a bad rep (?)
  • Rough neighborhood

Western COMP
  • Better rotations (?)
  • Closer to a lot of my college friends
  • Nicer campus
  • Cheaper cost of living (marginally)
  • Friends who are current students

  • Cost a little more
  • Student interviewer gave me a negative impression of the school
  • “Gunner rep” (?)
  • Rough neighborhood

Summary: I feel like I could be happy at both, which one has been rotations/match/board scores? Is the difference marginal or significant?

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Just comparing schools, I would probably choose Western U. They seem a lot more modern in their approach to osteopathic stuff, whereas Tuoro seemed very traditional in my opinion. Also, I think the WesternU location isn’t *that* bad, plus they’re building that new training hospital. That being said, if I was between two schools and one was closer to my fiancé, I’d probably chose that one. Having support during med school is super important and not to be dismissed. Perhaps weigh how long you’ve been together and how serious the relationship is. If you see yourself 100% marrying this person, I’d stay close to them. Again, just my opinion others might feel differently!
plus they’re building that new training hospital.

Haven’t heard this, to what are you referring?

To OP: The differences are going to be marginal. So, given that, where would you be most happy for a few years?