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Sep 4, 2015
Hello everyone,

So I plan on transferring colleges from the University of Houston to the University of Texas at Austin. I am currently in my freshman year and will be transferring next year. I am in the process of taking 4 science classes this year, looking at a 4.0 in all the classes, and wanted to know if medial schools will look at the overall science GPA from all the universities I've been to or only the latest university I have been to. UT has a point based system for GPA transfers and wanted to know if the med schools will use that system or will calculate on their own. Sorry if this is vague and/or confusing as I have very little insight on the med school application process.
* The science classes aren't the only classes I am taking this year, I am taking a total of 30 credit hours including calc 1 and 2, and elective classes
Thank you for your responses!


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Mar 7, 2005
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Regardless of where the credits are earned, they will show up on your application with a row for each year (freshman, sophomore, etc) and 3 columns: "Biology, Chem, Physics and Math" (BCPM), All other (AO) and Total. Both GPA and credits are reported under each header.
There is a row for total undergrad, a row for undergrad courses taken as a post-bac, and a row for grad school
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