True Reviews of Endocrinology Fellowship Training Programs

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Laura Lagek

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Feb 11, 2014
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Hi Guys!!

I am planning to shoot for Endocrinology fellowship this summer. Thought, it may be a good idea to debate the ratings, reviews, merits & flaws, research areas, board pass rates, and SURPRISING SECRETS of the program. Importantly, the facts that you don’t get to see on their Websites or FRIEDA, and don’t hear on the interview day. It is getting quite common that high ranked hospitals on reputable websites are full of disappointing learning and frustration while places that no one wants to go are packed with nice people and exceptional training milieu. Let’s find and rank “the true best” for ourselves.

All resident folks like me, med students, past and current fellows- please look/ask around and post a TRUE fact/s of a program that you can. Your effort to post a helpful info will encourage others to find and post something helpful for ya. I picked random programs in random order. Keep adding ---go nuts!!!!!!!

1. Univ of Washington

2. Univ of Virginia


4. Univ of Minnesota

5. Univ of Pittsburgh

6. Cleveland Clinic

7. Mayo Clinic

8. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston

9. Brigham and Women’s, Boston

10. Univ of Chicago

11. UCSF

12. Case Western Reserve Univ

13. Univ of Nebraska

14. Univ at Buffalo

15. Univ of Massachusetts

16. Texas A&M/Scott and White

17. Eastern Virginia Medical School

18. Yale

19. Duke

20. Univ of Michigan, Ann Arbor