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TUCOM- where to live for new MS?

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by mfred, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. mfred

    mfred Member
    7+ Year Member

    Oct 16, 2002
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    I am accepted into TUCOM 2007 but I don't know anything about living in the area. Where do students live? I know they have the townhouses and dorms, but I am married (don't really want a roommate!). I was told Vallejo is "sketchy" so any thoughts would greatly be appreciated. The names of any nicer apartments in the area would also be of great help.
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  3. sean

    sean Senior Member
    10+ Year Member

    Mar 11, 1999
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    It depends upon what you mean as sketchy, it might not look great but I believe it is pretty safe. Also, Vallejo rents are pretty good compared to areas closer to SF or Berkeley. You might want to consider the Novato/San Rafael area which is about 20 minutes or so from TOURO. I live in San Rafael and I really like it there.

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