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The Saulet is sweet but does anyone know if there are any equally as cool Condo complexes in New Orleans? I am looking to buy a place...

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arashd said:
The Saulet is sweet but does anyone know if there are any equally as cool Condo complexes in New Orleans? I am looking to buy a place...

Check places in the Warehouse District (CottonMill Condos, Julia St., etc.).
if anyone is interested, there is a sweet place that i just moved into called the esplanade at city park which overlooks the largest park in new orleans, it looks like a hotel and its a pretty sweet place. pm me if you might be interested.

eckertle said:
Check places in the Warehouse District (CottonMill Condos, Julia St., etc.).
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Ok..I was bored so I read most of this thread today. I will attempt to address any of the questions not answered. I will be in the c/o 2009. I am coming from grad school at tulane. interviewed in sept, accepted oct 1.

The best places to look for housing are www.bestofneworleans.com, craigslist-new orleans, www.nola.com, and the Tulane housing board. Also, the best part of new orleans is the lack of big apartment complexes. Find yourself a nice cottage or double around the uptown campus or in the garden district.

The new building is indeed awesome. Got to go in a couple weeks ago and have seen the plans for the new student lounge. The student lounge there overlooks the superdome and is huge. From what I was told by an MSG (student gov't) officer is that it is unlikely any T-1 classes will be in the new building. Perhaps standardized patients. The student lounge in the current med school got new furniture and will still be usable for all students. The big downer to the new building is that it will not have a cafeteria and the food options in the mall attached to the superdome are minimal.

I would definitely recommend a laptop as most of the coffeeshops and anywhere uptown or downtown tulane campuses is wireless.

The Tulane hospital is pretty nice (I think someone said it wasn't). The TulaneU hospital has a much more private feel to it than most of the big sterile university hospitals. The VA and Charity are both very old, but the ER dept at Charity is great (it sees more traumas/year than any ER in the country.

Anyways, congrats to those are in and good luck to those on the waitlist. I know a couple T-3s who were waitlisted but got in in mid-June and others have gotten in as late as mid-July.

See you guys on August 5. Or earlier if people want to grab a couple drinks when they get into town.
More news for those of you on the waitlist. I talked with someone on the adcom today and they said that the waitlist was still pretty long, but that a number of people were calling and dropping their names. Also, this person said that alot of students have paid the deposit that are still holding out for other schools that they are waitlisted at. Seems expensive to me, but apparently a good number of people still do it. Probably the reason why people can still get accepted as late as mid-July off of the waitlist.

Good luck to those of you on it.
need housing in new orleans? im going to be a second year at tulane, and im moving in with a roommate (cheaper rent). i live in a fantastic single thats a little on the pricey end (725/mo), but still far cheaper than the warehouse district apartments. youll find that, though it is easy to find an apartment any time of year in new orleans, its very difficult to find a clean place without bugs and with modern appliances. my apartment is two miles down canal, which is a direct drive to the medical school. theres never any traffic on this street, an added bonus, since there always is traffic if youre coming from uptown in the morning. the apartment is available july 1, so email me at [email protected] if youre interested. ideally, id like to hook up a med student (and im sure my landlord would like one, too) so let me know if youre interested, so i can pull the ad from craigslist. also, feel free to email me if you have any other questions or whatever about tulane. congratulations...

heres the link with pictures: http://neworleans.craigslist.org/apa/78305249.html
Greetings to all of you headed to Tulane! Looking forward to meeting you this August...

Just so you know:

There's a brand new, 1 bedroom apartment in the Marigny available now. It is an INCREDIBLE situation, so read on if you are at all interested!

Construction was just finished last month so everything is absolutely brand new. It's a cottage-style, two-floor unit sharing a building (it's a house, really) with one other unit (mine). It's clean, beautiful, and shows impeccable taste in the fixtures, painting, etc. Everything is top quality and hand-picked by the landlord, who incidentally, lives next door and happens to be a Tulane Medical School Graduate himself. He's amazing, the apartment is amazing...it's basically an amazing opportunity to love in a beautiful home, in a VERY interesting neighborhood.

Do your own research and check out the Faubourg Marigny...I happen to love it, but I'll admit, it's probably not for everyone. I just moved in a couple of weeks ago and so I can vouch for the quality of the two units. I am really happy with my decision.

Here are the specs: Burgundy and St. Ferdinand (70117), living room with lots of doors and windows, kitchen with all major appliances, washer/dryer combination, powder room (all downstairs); upstairs are the bedroom and full bathroom with shower/tub and closet; central heat/ac; hardwood floors upstairs; gorgeous finished concrete floors downstairs (you have to see them!); celing fans in every room; security system; outside light fixtures; easy street parking; safe, friendly block. Asking price: $850/ month, water included. Tenant pays electricity, phone, cable.

If you're interested, feel free to email me with questions, etc. I'll pass your information along to my landlord and we can go from there. And in case you're wondering, I'm not "advertising" this for any personal gain...I just happened to have found a great situation with an amazing landlord and I want to help him find another tenant.

All the best to my future classmates! (sorry this is such a long post...)
Did anybody else get a message to buy scrubs from "mgraham"
Haversian said:
Did anybody else get a message to buy scrubs from "mgraham"


You can also buy Tulane scrubs from the Tulane stockroom for 25$ a set. I have no idea how much these scrubs she were advertising were.
I am a T3 at Tulane looking to get someone to rent out the apartment I am leaving. Owners would love to have another med student renting. If interested, please email me at [email protected] since I probably won't have anytime to check this site come July 1. Thanks and welcome to Tulane!!


This ground floor apartment is located on a block full of mansions (One just sold for 1.2 mill!). The owners live in the main part of the house they just finished redoing. 1 bedroom with study off of living room (perfect for med students), 1 large bathroom, and kitchen. Kitchen has brand new stove, fridge, microwave, and own washer/dryer. AC/heating units in living room, bedroom, kitchen. TONS of closet space in bedroom, bathroom, and hallway. Only 10-15 minutes from school (many times less) and located between 2 main streets that take you directly there.

The best thing about this place is that it is in a quiet, SAFE neighborhood. The block is patrolled by off-duty NOPD cops. I know safety may be of concern to those just moving to New Orleans, and I definitely have felt comfortable living here and suggest it as a great place to live in terms of location and price.

$650 includes water. It’s really an awesome price for what you get. It’s available 8/1…just in time for orientation. Could be flexible with that date if I’ve moved out already, but we can talk about that.

You can email me with questions, I will try to respond as soon as I can but since I’ll be on surgery that may take a couple of days. I really hope you consider living here as I know the owners like med students and I think it’s great place for a student to live!

Thanks and enjoy the rest of your summer break!
[email protected]
Hey everyone I have a situation I need some help with. I moved down here expecting to live in a house with some guys. Well it wasnt what I expected and I got out at the last minute, I managed to get a two bedroom apartment in the american can apartment complex. I was here in march shopping around at apartments and the american can was the best in my opinion. So I need a roommate pretty bad because I dont want to be paying 1200 a month forever. So if anyone is looking let me know and Ill be glad to show you around, or If you know anyone that is preferably medical please pass the word. My number is 616-635-1025. Here is a link to the american can.