U Wisconsin-Madison vs Wayne State vs Rutgers (RWJMS)

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Jul 6, 2023
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I would pay OOS tuition for all (I’m from Miami), and have no idea what specialty I want to go into. Based off your knowledge of the schools, which is the best pick to attend?

I don’t want to live in Detroit (tired of city life) and know that UWM is the best ranking-wise so my current decision is leaning towards UWM > Rutgers > Wayne but I was wondering if anyone has heard anything in particular about any of these schools 👀

- highest ranking/prestige
- cheapest OOS tuition ($58K)
- easy access to research
- Madison consistently ranked in top places to live in the US
- Not as diverse
- heard they primarily match into the Midwest (again can’t access previous match lists apart from last year’s so idk what they typically match into)
- concerned about how much there is to actually do in the area, especially in snowy winters
- you need to move for rotations. I'd be living with my spouse who will be attending grad school. we want to live together so could be messy

- super diverse area
- many opportunities to work with underserved
- my best interview experience. Had my best conversations of the cycle with the 1-on-1 interviewers
- match pretty well
- Detroit is said to be high in crime and not safe, have never lived there though so idk
- heard the admin isn’t very nice or receptive to student feedback
- $67K OOS tuition (almost tied for most expensive cost)
- MASSIVE class size, potentially less opportunities available due to so many students?

- Chill area to live in
- match pretty well into many competitive specialties, 96% match rate (?)
- very good access to research opportunities
- most expensive $70K OOS tuition
- high cost of living in NJ
- lowest in ranking/prestige (but about equal with Wayne I believe)
- Interview experience was very "meh" and a bit messy

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I think your order is the best! Rutgers is super close to NYC so it would provide more resources and your spouse might have more options for grad school. But UW is an elite school
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UWM and it is not close, specially with it being the cheapest
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