Apr 16, 2018
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  1. Pre-Medical
I'm torn between going to UC Davis (with regents and honors) or UCLA for premed. I think I've pretty much set my sights on Davis because of the perks they've given me, and I hear the undergrad school prestige doesn't really matter as much as MCAT, EC's, and GPA? I'm just torn because UCLA is my dream school, but ultimately I want to go to UCLA/UCSF med school and if I need to hold off on that for now I am willing to do that. Davis is giving me smaller classes (easier to get rec letters), priority registration, money, and more research opportunities, and I think if I go there I am much more likely to get a better GPA (not saying it is easy, but no doubt I think it will be easier). However, I was wondering if anyone could speak for UCLA premed competition or if they have any strong opinion on why I should pick UCLA instead. That, or reassurance that I am making the right decision is appreciated as well!
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