1. B

    University of California Irvine, PharmD Class of 2026

    Hello all! I had an interview with UCI last Thursday. I wanted to start a thread for PharmD applicants for this cycle.
  2. NeuroPsychosis

    PhD/PsyD New Clinical Program in California

    So I just discovered that UCI ( UC Irvine) launched a clinical psychology PhD program and admitted their inaugural class this year. Any thoughts on applying or considering this program (applying this fall)? The program is not yet APA accredited (although they are saying that they are certain...
  3. C


    Hey friends! I have been a part of this program for 3 years and it has been an absolutely invaluable experience for me and for my resume. The department is recruiting again, so I thought I would pass the info along! The University of California, Irvine Department of Urology is recruiting...
  4. J

    USC Keck vs. UCI

    I am really torn... I don't strongly prefer one over the other (hence the sparse list) so your thoughts and perspectives are extremely appreciated. USC Keck Pros More robust clinical experience/students are more prepared(?) bc of LAC+USC hospital Bigger network, USC connections and all that...
  5. S

    Will this affect my undergraduate science GPA?

    Hello! I'm an incoming freshman and I was wondering how college placement tests work and do they affect your science GPA. Backround: I scored 650+ on my SAT Math score. This allows me to skip Math 1B (Pre-Calc) and automatically places me Math 2A (Single Variable Calculus) Now depending on my...
  6. C

    Pre-med at UCI (Honors) or UC Berkeley

    Yes, I am making college decisions right now and I need your help >_< Before I start with questions and listing pros and cons, here are things for your convenience to know about my decision-making process: My goal for asking advice is to get into a top-tier medical school, not necessarily a...
  7. bootsandspooky

    BU vs. Mount Sinai vs. UC Irvine

    Hi everyone! It's going to be awhile before waitlists start moving and I am doubtful that any of those will work out for me, but fortunately I do like the options I have right now. I would really like to hear others' experiences with the below schools, perceived differences between them, and any...
  8. E

    UCI Pharmaceutical Science for Med School?

    So I'm currently at a California Community College (Mt. SAC) right now, and I was looking into transferring to UCI. The problem is that UCI requires a full year of Organic Chemistry for transfer, and my community college and the CC's around my area don't offer OChem in Summer or Winter. That...
  9. C

    applying to college help; optometrist hopeful

    hey guys! This is actually my first post haha. Anyways, I want to go to optometry school in the future, but I'm not sure which undergrad is most suited for it. My dream school has always been UCLA, but I've heard a lot about the cutthroat competition and grade deflation. Is it worth going there...
  10. SkyBlueRider

    Changing My Application Based on How Conservative the School is?

    Hi guys! I was just wondering everyone's opinion on how much one should change their secondary answers based on how conservative the school is? I am quite liberal and so many of my secondary answers include life stories, volunteering etc that is of a more liberal mind (eg volunteering at...
  11. A

    UCSD vs UCI

    UCI Pros: 15k scholarship per year Closer to family (though only 1.5 hours closer compared to UCSD, so not a huge advantage) Faculty seems very supportive of student needs Great Ultrasound program You're "given" an iPad Students seemed laid-back Cons: Very small class size H/P/F Irvine...
  12. T


  13. Versalia

    UCD vs UCI vs UCSB vs UCSD

    Hi guys, I'm sure you've gotten a plethora of these threads. I'm a confused HS senior and I've been accepted to UCSD, UCI, and UCD, waiting on UCSB. (Also CPSLO, but FA at state schools aren't the best and that's an issue for me). Also, I did not receive CHP/Honors/Regents for these schools. I...
  14. P

    UCI Premed, unsure if Scientific Writing counts towards English requirement

  15. A


    Hello. I'm a first year at UCLA. I did well my first quarter; however I do not believe this school is the right place for me. I truly wish to transfer to UCI. I am currently planning on sticking it out the rest of this year and transferring. However, would this be looked down upon by medical...
  16. A


    Hello. I mistakenly submitted this please ignore. Thank you!
  17. D

    Best MCAT prep Orange County

    What is the best in-class MCAT review course in the Orange County/UCI area? All of the reviews I have seen are out-dated and I want to know in reference to the new MCAT. Princeton Review or Berkeley Review or Kaplan or other?
  18. nattweeter

    Am I considered a non-traditional student? And question about CSU over UC for undergrad psychology..

    So, this is the first post I've ever made on SDN. I've come to the site multiple times to research pre-med questions and get answers about how to go to med school, the MCAT, ECs, etc. I'm not quite sure if I would be considered a non-traditional student, but here's why I think I might...
  19. S


    Hi, I'm new to this website, but I've been reading a lot of forums since undergraduate college decisions have been released. The title says it all. I'm not sure how different UCI and UCSD is, and I know that the ranking matters very little since what is important is your GPA, MCAT, and extra...