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Sep 13, 2008
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I just got an interview to umsl but I havent heard much about the school? Does anyone have any opinions? Is it clinicly based or more research? Is the small class size an advantage or disadvantage? Any info would be helpful! thanks! :)

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I interviewed/was accepted to UMSL today. It is def. a more clinical program as opposed to research. The class is small, about 44 ppl which means you get more one on one interaction with your classmates and the professors. On the flip side, its like being back in high school so everyone knows everything about everyone.

Hope it helps!
Hey! It is definitely more clinically-based. However, there are opportunities for research should you choose to pursue them. For me, the small class side was definitely an asset; however, that is really personal preference. It's true that there are no secrets!

I replied to your PM. :)