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Feb 10, 2010
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Have many of you applied for umsl (university of Missouri st Louis)? I noticed a few on the accepted list, but no one has marked it as their final choice. I'd like to hear some feedback about the school. Why did(n't) you apply and what did you (not) like about the school? The class size is like, tiny, did anyone get rejected?

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I applied to this school a few years ago.. Did not get in..

The class size is very small. Like 50 or so. I heard their instruments are like in the basement of their optometry building, and their equipment is old. Not sure if this is 100% true, but.. Thats what someone told me. lol.

I do know an optometrist who went there, but I never ask her about it b/c this time I did not apply to that school.

Their website is a little bootleg, and things like that bother me... Its a lot of things that just kept me from applying to that school this time.
I applied and I am going there next year. I applied there mainly because of smaller class size. i wanted to go away from home but stay little closer as well. the equipment is pretty new and so are classes. they are building a new building jst for optometry school but it will be in next few yrs. i dont have anything that i dont like yet may be it might change once i go there.

i know someone who go rejected last yr but got accepted this yr.
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I was accepted there. I decided not to go, but would have if my first choice had not worked out. I really liked the people I met during my interview. And the small class sizes were a huge plus. One of the doctors at my work graduated from there and he loved it. It is pretty pricey if you are out of state but they offer some good scholarships that you automatically get based on your GPA and OAT scores. The only thing I really didn't love was that the facilities were not as impressive as some others that I have seen. Other than that no real complaints.
Thanks everyone for their replies! I just don't hear very much about umsl and I wasn't sure why. Of course it has a way smaller class than say pco or ico, which I hear a ton about. Who knows, I might not even get in, I bet their class is pretty full at
this point, so my decision might be made for me. :p