Dec 6, 2013
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Hello all,
I need advice regarding the two options I have. I am a resident of California, and I have an option of obtaining my bachelors specifically in Psychology in 3 years at a private college which is a whooping 30 grand a year.
Or i have the option of spending 4 years in New mexico state university 10 grand a year, but add the extra year and obtain my Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences with a concentration in Psychology.
I would be an out of state student.
Should i stick with majoring only in psychology? or should I pursue the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences with a concentration in Psychology?
My long term goal will be to pursue grad school in my home state, and preferably stick to a hospital setting. I currently have my Associates degree in health science, and have been working at my local VA hospital for two years. I would like to continue working with my patients in the long run.
Any advice?
Greatly appreciated!


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Aug 26, 2011
Psychology Student
Go to whichever university will give you the most affordable education. A BS in psychology will not earn you much money, so there's no point in accruing 120k+ debt for it. While in UG, work in labs, get research experience, work on posters, work on papers, and network with faculty at your university, and then after you graduate you can apply to clinical & counseling psychology doctoral programs that will offer you training in research and clinical work, or you can pursue a masters degree and become a mid-level practitioner, which will allow you to work as a clinician but won't require you to be trained as a researcher.