Understanding the NBDE part 1

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    Hey everyone,
    Does anyone know how the Boards are scored? I have heard from people at other schools, upperclassman, and from these posts that there are a lot of factors. Clearly a certain raw score will earn you a passing score, but are some problems worth more than others/how does it work? How can a 320 out of 400 on one day be higher than a 330 out of 400 on another day?

    I am aware the boards are cumulative now and therefore your total score counts rather then each section, however what is passing? Is it 200 out of 400, is it 180 out of 400, is it 230 out of 400? Any thoughts?

    Reason I ask is that I seem to be pretty inconsistent in my test taking, getting anywhere from 180 right to 260 and am trying to become more consistent but also want to have an idea of where is a range to feel somewhat comfortable.
    Thanks for the input!
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