Updating Schools After Submission

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Feb 7, 2022
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I recently just started a job working as an assistant at an oral surgery office and would like to update schools on this, but I do not know the best method of informing them. I've already submitted my application a few weeks ago and I know I can add experiences to my ADEA AADSAS application, but will schools even see that update? Is emailing the admissions office a better method? Or should I do both? I know this update is not do or die but I think it would still be good to let schools know about it.

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I think it would still be good to let schools know about it.
Why? It doesn't affect your GPA or DAT, arguably the two most important aspects of your application. I just finished a summer class, and it slightly improved my GPA, and still I didn't email my schools. I just updated my app and that's it, they'll let the schools know for you.

I would ask yourself, what makes you think this extracurricular will noticeably improve your application at this point? Unless Mr.Smile12 says otherwise, just update your app and live your life.

Good luck with your application.
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