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Jun 5, 2007
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So I was wondering what everyone else did for the first question: List any other dental related activities not listed on the AADSAS application?

I wrote down everything on my AADSAS, but something tells me leaving this completely blank would not be such a good idea.

Do they expect us to elaborate on anyone activity listed on AADSAS?

Ideas, suggestions,?

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Just say you already listed everything on AADSAS. You're allowed 5 entries on the primary app, so if you filled them up, its not like you are lacking anything. Remember, these are "supplementary" applications.

I wouldn't elaborate or anything because they dont ask you to. In my opinion, supp apps are also meant to see if we can follow directions and answer the questions asked, not just to sound impressive.
I just mentioned my shadowing experience (even though it's on AADSAS) and then talked about how I'm going to get more shadowing experience over the next year.
i applied last year and did not put anything in the additional info.. i simply stated.. "all of my activities are listed on aadsas." ... dont waste their time making them reread everything