USC MS in Global Medicine- Opinion from Pre-dents

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Jun 17, 2015
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Hey SDN,

I'm a 3rd year pre-dental student and was just thinking about some options for when I graduate. My GPA at the moment isn't too hot but I don't think its low enough/will be low enough by the time I graduate for a Post-Bacc. I was looking at the Global Medicine program at USC and it seems really interesting and they seem to have good success with their pre-meds and pre-dents but wanted to get a little more insight from someone who is pre-dental and in the program or was in the program and continued on to dental school.

Was your application already really strong before applying to this masters, and you did it out of interest?
Was this an important aspect of your application and your interviews?
Were you in the Clinical or Management Track? (I've heard that only premedical students do the clinical track?)

Sorry if these seem like questions that would be easy to find elsewhere on SDN but with so many posts it's hard to sift through all of them!

thanks for all the help:)

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Hey! did you ever apply to USC and were admitted? If so, did you attend?