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User Name and Password

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by gpannu, Sep 13, 2001.

  1. gpannu

    gpannu Member
    10+ Year Member

    Mar 11, 2001
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    Hey, guys I can't obtain a password and username for the online web application. Has anyone else encountred this problem. Is there anything I can do. I recieve an error message that says "AAMC is unable to process your request at this time"

    [aside] Please do not spread hate on this web-site or any others. I think we should all work together in this time of need. Spreading hate against any communites will only allow the terrotists to calim victory over freedom and democracy. It's the terroist that are to be punished not the innocent. Peace and God bless.
  2. Jamier2

    Jamier2 SDN Hillbilly Moderator
    Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Mar 22, 2001
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    I'd try to rule out the easy stuff first. There's a chance you've chosen a username that is already in use, so I'd try another. I don't know if AMCAS' programs would tell you this specifically, so it's worth a shot.

    Also, they've posted some things on their site about updates and "improvements" that are going to slow some aspects of the application down. These new "improvements" may be at the heart of your problems.

    Not picking on you or anything, but aren't you a bit behind in this process? It's a little late to be starting your primary, but I guess it won't matter much this year.

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