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USF (Tampa) Vs. Einstein


New Member
Oct 10, 2018
  1. Pre-Medical
    I'm having a really hard time deciding between these two schools. I'm a non-traditional applicant and live in Miami. I'm in a serious relationship and my boyfriend is not ready to move due to work. I don't want to make my decision solely based on my relationship, but being able to see my SO relatively regularly is important to me. He will eventually move, but we don't know when. I'm interested in derm and know how competitive it is to get into a residency. It looks like both schools have derm matches into their own programs but I'm not sure how the opportunities for relevant experience and research compare. USF will be significantly cheaper for me but I'm still waiting to hear back about financial aid for both schools. My parent are able to help me, so while money is a factor, it is not the deciding factor.


    • In-state tuition (Approx. 20k less per year)
    • More affordable housing
    • New medical campus in downtown opening at the end of the year
    • Lots of hospitals for rotations
    • Enjoyed my interview day there more, people seemed happy
    • Easier to see my significant other on weekends (4 hour drive from miami)
    • Lower ranked school (although climbing)
    • Many residency matches in Tampa and the south---I'd want to go back to Miami, NY or California
    • Smaller city, not many other schools/programs around

    • Ranked higher
    • more diverse match list in terms of location
    • new partnership with Montefiore
    • Lots of other medical opportunities in the city for research and residency
    • Stipends for summer and abroad research (not sure if USF offers this)
    • Didnt love the school on my interview day--the weather was bad and my interview was a little awkward so i feel like my experience was biased on that day
    • In an industrial area of the bronx---didnt seem like there was much around campus
    • It will be much harder to see my SO
    • About 20k more year in tuition
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