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    Position Available Surgical Critical Care Fellowship open in New York

    2 Surgical Critical Care fellowship positions available for 2024 - 2025 in New York Website: Surgical Trauma Critical Care Fellowship Icahn - Elmhurst | Icahn School of Medicine Elmhurst Hospital Center (EHC), a member of the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation and affiliated with...
  2. F

    Primary Care: First job salary and compensation (survey?) - NY vs LA - 2023

    I am finishing FM residency this year and will be looking to start my first job as an independently practicing physician soon. I am looking to settle in the NYC. I understand NYC is an anomaly in regards to pay (and maybe almost everything else;)...but so is LA:cool:). In regards to physician...
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    Renting Glen Cove, NY Two Bedroom Apt with Washer Dryer about 7 miles from NYIT

    Two Bedroom Apartment with Washer and Dryer in Glen Cove, NY -Second-floor apartment, Hardwood floors Stainless Appliances Separate entrance with deck area Owner pays Water and Gas.
  5. M

    New York Postbacc - advice for someone limited due to health & finances

    Background: 4.0 GPA as a psychology (neuroscience concentration) and journalism major at a SUNY school. Already completed a couple of science courses, i.e. GenChem I and Genetics. I am 29 and have 8 years of clinical research and shadowing experience in immunology, epigenetics, and neuroscience...
  6. P

    Hunter College DPT Class of 2025

    Hi, I am starting this thread because I have not seen another one with the incoming class in Hunter's DPT program this year. I currently have an apartment in Far Rockaway but I was looking for housing closer to campus and was wondering if anyone else in the class was as well.
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    SA Rotating Internships - NY/NJ/CT, OR/WA/CA

    I'm a current third year making my clinical schedule right now. I have two blocks in which I want to do externships at sites where I would like to make a good impression for the match. However, the most important aspect of an internship for me is not something that can be found on the VIRMP...
  9. M

    MSKCC Summer Fellowship 2022

    I didn’t see a thread for this year’s application cycle so thought I would create one. Has anyone heard back yet?
  10. Meisbad

    WAMC (3.82cgpa/3.79sgpa, 510)

    I will be an applicant for medical school (mostly MD, but some DO schools) in the upcoming cycle. I just received my MCAT score and wanted to make a preliminary list as my school's committee letter process has begun. I attend a public college in NY and am in my senior year. If anyone wants to...
  11. Rich Ties

    Stony Brook General Surgery Residency

    Can anyone give me any insight into how the General Surgery program at Stony Brook, NY is? I have been hearing/reading mixed things about it and would love to hear the experience of someone who knows more about it. Any Pros vs Cons? Would you do training there again? Family friendly?
  12. N

    Virtual Open House- Psychiatry Residency- The Zucker School of Medicine/Northwell Health at Mather Hospital Psychiatry Residency Program

    Hello Applicants! The Zucker School of Medicine/Northwell Health at Mather Hospital Psychiatry Residency Program would like to cordially invite you to our Virtual Open House on Thursday October 15th, 2020 at 3pm-345pm EST at Join Microsoft Teams Meeting We will have our program leadership and...
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    Position Swap PGY3 swap in NY

    Hey everyone. Im currently a PGY2 in a program in new york and I'm looking to swap outside of new york. Please let me know if youre interested in a current PGY2 or PGY3 position for next year. Thank you. The specialty is internal medicine.
  14. Hippo Campus

    PhD/PsyD For those who are licensed in NY, question about application process.

    I've completed my pre-doc and post-doc hours and have passed the EPPP. The only thing missing is me submitting the post-doc hours (Form 4). However, this following statement on the website is throwing me off: My post-doc experience ended in June (I have 1,750 post-doc hours), I...
  15. Itsmonday

    [Need advice]

  16. S

    UIWSOM vs Touro NY (Middletown)

    Hey everyone, I was fortunate enough to be accepted to both schools; however, I'm having trouble deciding on where to go. Can anyone else provide some input besides what I have written below? I'm from Southern California, and I would ideally like to go back home for a competitive residency...
  17. P

    MA at Yeshiva

    I applied for admission at Yeshiva for their PsyD. I did not get in (because of my less than 3.0 GPA ), however the did accept me into their masters program. I am a Cali native. I am considering if I should look into the masters program at Yeshiva. Does anyone have any info about the program? Is...
  18. B

    Position Swap PGY 1 IM Boston looking to swap NY/NJ

    PGY-1 IM Massachusetts (will be in PGY-2 June) looking to swap to PGY-1 IM NY/NJ. Looking to start in July, 2019. Reason: Family Can PM me or reply directly to this message.
  19. M

    USF (Tampa) Vs. Einstein

    I'm having a really hard time deciding between these two schools. I'm a non-traditional applicant and live in Miami. I'm in a serious relationship and my boyfriend is not ready to move due to work. I don't want to make my decision solely based on my relationship, but being able to see my SO...
  20. L

    M1 Summer-Research at home institution or elsewhere?

    I'm a current M1 looking at summer research options, and am deciding whether to stick with the ones available at my home institution or at a different one. My home institution is in the south and isn't very high ranked, and I'd like to end up doing my residency at a higher-ranked institution on...
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  22. L

    Compounding exam, NY licensure, Residency

    I want to apply for residency programs in New York, but as you know they require a third exam (in addition to MPJE and NAPLEX), that is compounding. That exam can only be taken in June and January (weirdly). I graduate end of june, and should be licensed by September 1 in New York. In order to...
  23. C

    Interview on same day help!!

    I just received an email from Rutgers inviting me for an interview. Only problem is i already have an interview scheduled on the same day from NYIT. Is it unprofessional to ask Rutgers to change my interview date? If so should I reject NYIT and choose Rutgers?? Any insight would really be helpful
  24. M

    TouroCOM - NY Thread 2018-2019

    I read a lot of threads from previous years but failed to find one from this application cycle. If there is one out there that I haven't seen, I apologize. Anyways, after reading the ones from previous years I was curious about what the currently applicants are thinking about TouroCOM this year...
  25. S

    (NERA) MedPrep Scholars Program 2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Hello, As you may be aware, the application for the Northeast Regional Alliance (NERA) MedPrep Scholars Program will become available this fall (2018) for the 2019-2021 summer cohort. The NERA MedPrep Scholars Program is a partnership between: Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) Icahn...
  26. armoman898

    School List and Chances, applicant from NY

    Hello SDN. I would greatly appreciate some advice on my school list. Please let me know if there are any schools I should add, or disregard. Thanks in advance! cGPA 3.33 sGPA 3.42 Major Biomedical Informatics MCAT 503 (127/123/127/126) from 2018, 23 (8/7/8) from 2015 My...
  27. O

    New York Sponsorship Program

    Hello everyone. :) I’m a foreign graduate of Optometry, earning an OD degree (6 year program) in my country. I’m planning to be a licensed OD in the USA by not going back to school and sit on the NBEO exams right away. I have contacted New York Board of Optometry if they offer a sponsorship...
  28. M

    Gap Year When to apply?

    Hi everyone! I recently decided to take a gap year, so I need to find a real job during that time. I was wondering when I should start applying for jobs to put me at the best advantage for getting a job that I want for my gap year? I would like to do something research related. Are there any...
  29. TXDO

    What Are My Chances: WAMC Podiatry

    Hi guys, same old question but I did not find a right answer for my sister's situation. Well, she has 3.0 cGPA and 2.85 science GPA with 18 MCAT score. She's a junior now and wants to apply next year, so she wants to know if she could a decent chance to get in a pod school. Seriously, this...
  30. M

    Columbia Post-bacc? Do I have a chance?

    Hi all, I am interested in Columbia’s post-bacc program due to their multiple linkage programs. However, my undergrad GPA is low and I am obviously worried that I’ll immediately be weeded out because of this. I graduated from a top 20 public university (full tuition scholarship) with a 3.13...
  31. thefoothealer

    Renting NYCPM students: renting studio

    Hello NYCPM students I have a studio available for rent starting August. • 2 big bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom (shared) and all utilities included (water, gas, electricity, heat) Looking for 2 students, however depending on how comfortable you are, another student is welcome especially for cheaper...
  32. D


    Hey Everyone, looking for some advice here as a non-traditional re-applicant on my chances this cycle! cGPA: 3.76, sGPA: 3.5 (approximated) MCAT score: 506, 127,127,126,126 (Chem, CARS, Bio, Psych) New York State resident. ORM SUNY Binghamton undergrad: accelerated 3/2 master's program with a...
  33. F

    General Admissions & OTCAS Am I gonna get into OT school??

    University: University of Tampa (going into senior year) Major: Allied Health Overall GPA: 3.35 - might be slightly lower on OTCAS not sure (3.25 ish on OTCAS?) Pre-Req GPA: 3.3-3.6 (depending on school) Last 60 Credit Hours so far GPA: 3.51 GRE: Q:153 V:143 :( AW: 4.0 Extra-Curric: President...
  34. H

    Starter Practice for Sale in NYC!

    Great for students soon to be graduating from a residency program soon! See Ad below! Are you entrepreneurial and enjoy making a profit while practicing dentistry? Why work for someone else rather than owning your own practice? Don’t sweat trying to build up a new office when you can purchase...
  35. Asphyxiation

    NYC - CMA Training but no accredited schools in the area?

    Hey guys, really new here so I apologize in advance if this is a little sloppy. I'm a first year Bio major and can't seem to get another job to save my life. Having a different job in line with my major and goals that also affords rent would be great but I also still need financial aid. I'm...
  36. shahzam1

    St. Johns Episcopal NY Core Rotations

    Has anyone completed core rotations or electives in the cores at St. Johns Episcopal? What factors do you consider when deciding where to do the cores? I am deciding between this and Prince Georges in MD, California medical Center Los Angeles, Norwalk Hospital in CT. My current thought process...
  37. D

    Question about NY Compounding Exam

    I recently decided that I would like to practice in NY but I know that in order to become a licensed pharmacist in NY, I must pass the Part III compounding exam. I know that the deadline to take the June compounding exam was on April 1st, which I have obviously missed. If I have a potential job...
  38. L

    New York Licensure Timeline

    I applied for New York Licensure approximately two months ago and am wondering if any of you kind folks are familiar with the typical timeframe for the Licensing Board. Any experience? I have followed up with the NYS Education folks who noted that my application was complete, but under review...
  39. O

    Position Swap PGY2/3 Psychiatry July 2019, East Coast looking for Ohio

    Current PGY2 psych in a NY/NJ area university program. Looking to move closer to my spouse who is currently a PGY1 OBGYN resident in Columbus OH.
  40. M

    LIU 2021

    Anyone here going to LIU DPT class of 2021? Got accepted and made a deposit and really considering it! And anyone deciding between LIU and Touro with any insight?