USMLE Scores Needed for US Residency?

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Apr 17, 2000
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    It all depends on what type of residency you are looking for. You definately need to pass step I and II to get a residency, but the actual scores are only important if you are going for a more competitive residency. For a spot in IM/FP you just need to pass, obviously the more competitive programs are more selective and therefore you need to do better, next up would be peds, and then OB is probably next. For Ansethesology, Radiology, you probably need somewhere in the ballpark of 210/220. For any catagorical surgery you are looking at above 220, as well as ER or other surgical subspecalities. Remember there are always exceptions to this general rule, your best bet to get into a particular program is to rotate in that department and let it be known that you are interested in their program for a spot. There are no guarantees, but it couldn't hurt! If you are an IMG ( Us citizen, foreign trained) it is a bit easier, because you don't need a Visa. Good Luck
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