Veterans - Were any of you reapplicants?

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Mar 11, 2021
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Hey everyone,

Some context: I'm a U.S. Army veteran planning to apply in May with mediocre sats (3.3cGPA,3.7sGPA) FL average ~510 so far. I was a medic, so I have a ton of valuable experiences to write about. I've heard plenty of stories about how being a veteran really adds to your application. In fact, every veteran I've spoken to was accepted their first cycle.

Are there any veterans out there that applied to >10 schools and were rejected by all of them? If so, what do you think went wrong?

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My first cycle I applied to 15 schools, got 2 interviews, and didn't get in anywhere. I had a mediocre GPA (worse than yours) with a decent MCAT score. I was a medic as well. The next cycle I applied to 35 schools, got 10 interviews, and got accepted to 9 programs. My takeaway from those two cycles is that if you have an interesting backstory as a veteran/medic but mediocre stats, you should apply very broadly (including reach schools). It's hard to judge how an admissions reviewer will weigh your stats against your experiences. I had low tier schools that didn't give me the time of day yet ended up at a top 20 med school.
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