Oct 24, 2018
Hi all,
So I have a question about when to send in your transcript to VIRMP and whether class rank is updated after the application deadline or just taken from your transcript from the application deadline. If it is just taken from your transcript, is it worth waiting one more rotation to send in your transcript if you're anticipating doing well in that rotation to get one last last small bump to your GPA? I know they can take a few weeks to be sent and processed, so obviously don't play with fire and wait til the last minute, but would I be pushing it waiting til 3 weeks out?

Sorry if this is posted elsewhere, I haven't been able to find any info on this.



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Apr 22, 2013
How much of a bump will this rotation actually give you? I can't imagine that it would be much by the time you're half done with your clinical year. If it would get you over a major hump (i.e. from a 3.49 to a 3.5) then maybe, but I feel like it would be a minimal benefit if any. With that said, I think three weeks is probably enough time. I didn't commit to doing the match until the week before the deadline and had to hurry to get things done...my transcript got there the day it was due but things were fine. I don't recommend waiting anywhere near that long though, ha ha.
Oct 24, 2018
Thanks for the input! I am at one of those round up situations, so I might wait just a little bit longer. Man that's close haha, I'll try not to push it that tight!
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