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Mar 10, 2010

sorry if this question has been answered exhaustively, i tried to use the search function to find answers but couldn't find anything specifically about this situation, but i'm new to the site am bad at using it.

So I've been accepted at a couple of places, of which I'll decide on one by May 15th. However I'm also on 5 waitlists, 3 of which I'm potentially interested in more than my acceptances. One of these schools is my top choice, and the other two i'm less gung ho about but may pick above my current acceptances if offered.

So my question: if i get onto a school off the waitlist and accept their offer, am I locked into that school? or do i simply have to withdraw from the one school I have my deposit on, so that I'm only holding one acceptance at a time, and am free to accept a waitlist offer from my absolute top choice if it comes around?

Sep 4, 2006
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After May 15, you can hold one acceptance, but as many waitlist spots as you have. If you get an offer from a waitlist school, you'd inform the acceptance that you withdraw, and take the new offer (paying the deposit to hold that place). If another waitlist offer is made, you may do the same. Note that after May 15, the deposit is not refundable.