1. L

    Need Job Advice

    Hey everyone. I’m a 2020 grad and currently work as a per diem pharmacist for an independent for about 8 months now. My current pay is $45/hr with no benefits and my hours are inconsistent. I average about 27 hrs a week (can be more or less). I like working there because it’s relaxed and we’re...
  2. P

    Pharmacist at both Independent + Chain

    Hello everyone, I have a question that might be very stupid. I was looking online trying to find my answer, but all questions/answers were regarding CVS, so I’ve turned to everyone here. If by chance I was hired as a pharmacist at an independent chain, as well as a walgreens, would I be able...
  3. P


  4. G

    WAGS offer but email not generated

    So, I interviewed and a few days later was offered a pharmacist position by the DM over the phone. The next day he put the offer through the system and he let me know via text he did. I checked to see if I received anything but did not receive an offer email even though when I checked the...
  5. P

    Walgreens Pharmacy Manager job offer

    So I was just offered a position with Walgreens. I will be a staff pharmacist and get trained for 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks, i will be promoted to pharmacy manager. I just got licensed this September. I have some intern experience and had a rotation with Walgreens. For the past 2 months, I have...
  6. P

    Walgreens Pharmacist Salary

    I recently interviewed for walgreens and everything went well. However, I was shocked at how low the salary is compared to what I have been hearing. I am a recent grad and this will be my first job. The interviewer told me i would be getting $52 an hour. I did some research and the avg is $56...
  7. B

    Pharmacy is slowly going down. CVS/WAGs is a true def of modern day slavery. What are our options?

    Hello, RPh community, After a couple of months with CVS as a floater, I quit due to what I felt was a mental and physical abuse to the RPh and techs. I told my DM it's not ethical to understaff every pharmacy I go in order to save more money. Hence, it could overwork the pharmacist and might...
  8. P

    Walgreens New Pharmacist-STARS event

    I have been a floater pharmacist with walgreens for 8 months now, and I have already gotten 6 STARS. would this stop me from getting my own store? How many of these events before you get in trouble?
  9. P

    Walgreens graduate intern offer - then what!?

    Hi everyone! I received a pharmacy graduate intern offer from Walgreens in Dec 2017. The hiring DM called me and provided information, I recieved a generic email from the company offering the job and minor details about it and accepted through the link on the email. Fast forward to now, since...
  10. B

    Pharmacy Technician for Walgreen's or Walmart?

    I have two offers of employment to be a part time pharmacy technician to get a little experience before I try for pharmacy school.One from Walmart and another from Walgreens. The hourly pay they offered is very similar with Walgreens paying about 0.15 cents more an hour. I know that Walmart...
  11. P

    Walgreens Employee Scholarship?

    Does anybody know any information about the Walgreens scholarship they offer pre-pharm and pharmacy students. I wanted to find out more information and the details about it, also if you have taken it before what are the benefits and are there any negatives with taking it? Also are there any...
  12. rxboy1996

    Walgreens 401k

    Is the match only once per year at walgreens? I just joined Profit Sharing in July 2017 and I was already an employee of the company for over a year when I joined so from my understanding I am fully vested. Does anyone know when I should see the matching contributions in my account?
  13. T

    1 Question for Walgreens Techs and Pharmacists

    Hi all, I am a pharmacy intern working at Walmart pharmacy. I have trouble sometimes listening over and over again the voice mail for Rx but I still cant get it because the Dr talks so fast. I am so worried about making mistake every time I listen to the voicemail. I have a friend told me that...
  14. P

    New Walgreens Floater Tips

    I recently graduated pharmacy school and accepted a floating position with Walgreens. The job market is really bad where I live (and I assume everywhere else) which made me feel I had no choice but to accept the job. I only had 3 days of training after getting licensed and tomorrow is my first...
  15. Ava999

    Advice Please : Walgreens Pharmacist Transfer to another city location

    Hello, I have been working for walgreens as a licensed pharmacist for a couple of months now (I've been with the company in total for a year as a pharmacist intern) , and the location that I currently work in was not the desired location I wanted. It was also the only location I was able to get...
  16. slrpharmd

    New Grad - Hospital nights or Walgreens float?

    I know, I know...read old forums. I have :) Any additional advice would be welcome. I am a new grad and was an intern with Walmart all through school. Due to Walmart's recent cuts I did not get to stay on with them. I received a job with Walgreens about 2 weeks ago for 32 hrs/week floating. The...
  17. batteen1

    Walgreens not merging with Rite Aid after all, instead...

    Rite Aid is selling half its stores to wags for 5.2 Billion.
  18. M

    Help with applying online to walgreens

    Please can someone explain how to apply as a pharmacy intern to walgreens? I think they recently changed their online application process and I am not sure how to do it now. I have spent hours trying to figure it out. When you go to their career pages only a few walgreens positions are listed...
  19. S

    Which one new grad Cvs or Wags

    Sooo is cvs really that bad? I was just given an offer that I have yet to officially accept (they gave me 14 days). The reason I haven't accepted it is bc I was waiting to hear back from Wags but they want be able to get back to me until next week (DM is on vacation) which puts me at Day 15+...
  20. S

    Pharmacist jobs in Georgia

    Are there any pharmacist jobs in GA? Ive been trying smaller cities outside of Atlanta like Dallas, Acworth, Kennesaw, Powder Springs, Lithia Springs, Douglasville etc with no luck with any chain pharmacies. I worked for WAGS as an intern before and really loved it but had to relocated to GA...
  21. rxboy1996

    8AM to Midnight Walgreens

    Does anyone here works at a WAGS that is open 8 am - midnight or even 6 am - midnight? Could you tell me what your schedule usually is, what shifts you work, and how many days a week there are mid-shift rphs? My store Monday - Wednesday has 3 pharmacists, 7 am - 2/3, 10 am to 5/6, and 4 -...
  22. rxboy1996

    90 day refills on Control 3-5

    I know this may vary by state laws, I am in North Carolina. Can a refill on a medication that is C3-5 be for 90 days? Here a situation that happened. Prescribed Klonopin 0.5 mg #30 1 po qd with 5 refills. Patient picked up initial #30 then a month later wanted it refilled for #90 because...
  23. W

    Should I talk to my sr. tech about my problems as a new pharmacy technician?

    Short a sweet, I hate my job. I hate crying before every shift and stressing out about my job a day or even DAYS before going in! I hate that I am annoying and ask too many questions. I hate the feeling of worrying that I might get fired for sucking so bad. I hate coming in every day and having...
  24. W

    I have been a pharamcy technician for Walgreens since August, and I haven't gotten ANY better since?

    I have been a pharmacy technician at Walgreens since August. I am a freshmen in college, pre pharmacy, and I am 18 years old. And I feel really discouraged about my future because of my job. I literally feel like I have not gotten any better in the last few MONTHS. I feel so horrible at my job...
  25. Slippers

    Walgreens job application?

    Hello everyone! So I'm applying for a job at Walgreens and I have a general question about the application! I'm a P4 pharmacy student right now. When you select which location you want to work in, there's a question that reads "With valid pharmacist licence? (Yes/No)." I don't have a...
  26. P

    Working at Safeway as a pharmacist

    It has been quite some time on here since I've seen any posts or comments about working at Safeway as a pharmacist. Can anyone who works at Safeway or has worked there give any insight as to whether to take a position at Safeway as a pharmacist. Is the pharmacist expected to be the cashier also...
  27. DrAriPharmD

    How is it working as a pharmacy intern at a retail/major chain pharmacy?

    Hi everyone! Previously, I've worked at CVS as a pharmacy tech for a few months while in undergrad. I didn't get a chance to learn as much as I would have liked to, but it was still a pretty good experience. Now I am about to start pharmacy school in the fall, and was looking at applying to CVS...
  28. DrAriPharmD

    What exactly is the difference between a pharmacy extern and a pharmacy intern?

    I'm having trouble finding a clear answer on this. I'm applying for different jobs now (CVS, Walgreens, hospitals, etc.) and some things I've looked up have said that an externship is unpaid and basically like shadowing. Is this true? Thanks in advance for your help people! :)
  29. R

    New Walgreens pharmacist

    I accepted an offer from Walgreens today for a sp8 floater position. However it was just a standard offer letter that only stated the salary and nothing about benefits, vacations, sick days, etc. I searched on SDN and have found pretty useful information regarding those. But I still have so many...
  30. R

    Walgreens new hours

    Hi guys, so I'm relocating to TX (specifically the DFW area) in a few weeks and received an offer from Walgreens couple months ago. I was just recently contacted by a manager saying Walgreens are changing their hours from 8am-10pm to 9am-9pm and some full-time staff pharmacists are being forced...
  31. R

    What are the "slow days" in retail pharmacies?

    Are weekends the "slow days"? I heard Mondays and Fridays are the busiest days for retail pharmacies (Walgreens and CVS), but is that accurate? I would prefer to work on slower days, but it really doesn't matter because I'm sure every day is busy.
  32. Cefuroxilimes

    Thinking of quitting CPhT job at Walgreens to work at Walmart...

    TL;DR: Currently work at Wags, but sorta just putting up with it. Nervous about changing flags to work for tiny neighborhood Walmart on my campus, but was my 1st choice and still is! Been about 4 months at wags. I've only been there 4ish/5ish months, afterall!
  33. C

    Walgreens application help

    I accidentally entered the wrong RPH license # on my application (dumb, I know...) But now, I cannot seem to edit my pharmacy license info. It is greyed out on the online application. The DM I talked to has been working with IT, but apparently they cannot fix it. Has anyone else had this...
  34. L

    Walgreens Pharmacy Technician Insurance and TPR tips

    Hi! I just started at a Walgreens and have been there for about a week and a half. It's very busy and I am new at everything. I want to know all the different types of insurance that can be entered, the only one I've come across enough times in the short time that I've been here is WISPA...
  35. rxboy1996

    pharm tech to pharmacist walgreens

    I have worked as a pharmacy tech for several years. If I continue to work with walgreens through pharmacy school then become a pharmacist, do I still get to keep my current paid time off that had saved up or does it start all over? also can I keep my original start with the company or does that...
  36. rxboy1996

    Moving Up in Walgreens Pharmacy

    Could someone define the differences between Pharmacy intern, graduate intern, and pharmacy technician at walgreens? I currently work as a pharmacy technician at WAG. However is a pharmacy intern while in PharmD school only done during the summer or is that your title the whole time. Would I...
  37. rxboy1996

    Going from Pharm Tech to Pharmacy Intern Walgreens

    I have been a pharmacy tech at Walgreens for almost 3 years during my undergraduate schooling, I plan on attending pharmacy school next fall. How does it work with staying at walgreens when I transition to pharmacy school. My pharmacy school could potentially be in the same city I am in now so...