WAMC 3.36 GPA 22AA

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Aug 19, 2022
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Date of submission: 8/5/22
Overall GPA: 3.36
Science GPA: 3.43
Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.36
DAT score (include AA and all sections): AA 22, PAT 27, QR 23, RC 23, BIO 21, CHM 21, ORG 24, TS 22
State of Residence: Michigan

Undergrad Attended: The University of Dayton, transferred to the University of Michigan for final two years.
Major: Biomolecular Sciences
Minor: NA
Minority? NO
Reapplicant? NO
Nontrad? NO

Shadowing Experience: 103, 88 General, 6 perio, 9 omfs. (Planning to shadow more when I have the time)
Volunteering Experience: 104, front desk and anesthesia tech (Should I get more?)
Employment: 1000+ as an assistant (1/3 in ortho, 2/3 in general)
Research: Postpartum depression 66hrs, 50hrs (current) Dentking Anki Deck Anatomy
Other Extracurriculars: Orientation leader, Medical Device Sales Team Leader, Global Learning Living Community Resident 2yrs, Bioethics Club 2yrs.
Relevant Honors or Awards: University Honors/Deans List 2 semesters, Med Device Team Lead MVP, Med Device Internship MVP.
LOR type and strength: 2 Professors - Average, 2 - Current dentists - Strong. (Both are alumni of the two instate dental schools.)
Misc Info/Things not stated elsewhere/Red Flags:
P's in winter of 2020 (Stats, Sociology, Upper-level Ochem, Spanish)
GPA Improved after transferring

School list:
(Picked in groups based on GPA, Cost and places I would like to go)
Augusta University
Boston University
Lake Erie College
Marquette University
Rutgers University
Temple University
Touro College
University of Buffalo
University of California LA
University of Detroit Mercy
University of Louisville
University of Maryland
University of Michigan
University of Southern California
University of the Pacific
University of Washington
(Please let me know if I am missing any schools where I have a good chance)

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Check the Dental School Explorer. I think some of your schools on the list are very OOS unfriendly (Augusta?, Buffalo?, Maryland, Washington) do check about this before removing from the list. Check out tuition and cost of living for USC if you really think you want that level of debt. How have you networked with the schools on your list? We had a virtual fair in June so other than this...?