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Sep 4, 2021
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With the application cycle underway, I’ve been having almost panic-attack like episodes just thinking about having to go through all of this again.

I am a reapplicant. I tried last year, and did not receive an II. This was mostly my fault, as I ended up submitting my secondaries way too late (end of July).

This time, I’ve been determined to be better, and much more proactive and hope to have all my primaries out by May 24th.

These are my stats:

I am ORM.
* Undergraduate cGPA: ~3.6
* Undergraduate sGPA: ~3.5
* Strong upward trend, no less than 3.85-3.9 over my final two years.

I recently completed my MS in Biotechnology, finishing with a 3.75/3.85 in both cGPA and sGPA (depending on if one of my classes will count as an A or as a Pass).

My first MCAT 2 years ago was a 498. I retook it again last year and got a 508. I have one slated for May 19, but I have not been feeling so confident as I have been receiving scores right around 507-509. I’m more than likely going to void this.

* Research: ~1200-1300 hours over 4-5 years; 1 poster.

* Clinical: 600 hours scribing, 80ish hours shadowing, 160 hours volunteering at a local hospital ICU. I have 50 hours of EMT experience from my EMT training course, but I wasn’t able to work as an EMT due to the COVID outbreak.

* Non-Clinical: 500 hours over the past 1.5 years as Finance Chair for a local charity, raising upwards of $10,000 to feed underserved populations in and around my city.

In my leisure time, I like to build up my car or play tennis but that’s neither here nor there.

For my LORs, I would like to think that I have 3 good ones and 2 great ones.

I have also been accepted to work full-time at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego moving forward so I will include this on my application.

Realistically speaking, what are my chances of staying within Texas, especially if I apply early and get my apps out in the next few days? I’m not shooting for UTSW, or Baylor. Honestly, I would love to go to TCOM, but I’ve been losing sleep over the possibility that I won’t hear back yet again from anywhere.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

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I would like to mention that my scribing, and a lot of my charity work have come in the past year since submitting my last application. I have also finished my Master’s and added a few hundred hours of research since my last application as well.
Apply to TMDAS (including Sam Houston along with TCOM). You could also apply to TCU and Tulane on AMCAS.

For other DO schools you should apply to:

Touro NV
Touro NY
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Good luck. Can I ask for a specific breakdown of hours where you actually were serving meals as opposed to fundraising? How many volunteers were involved?
Thank you so much, and sorry for the late reply!

I would say that about 100 hours were spent with the recipients of our meals. We would contact them to understand their needs, and their stories, and ultimately tailor a food basket that would last them multiple meals (up to a week or two) that was right for them. These food baskets would be anywhere from 80-90 lbs on average per family, and we were able to provide meals for 132 families last year (this year, we are on pace for 225-250 families!). The drive would last 1-2 days depending on the number of volunteers we could gather. I included the drive into this 100-hour estimation. Since we personally deliver our food baskets to our recipients, the number of volunteers can be less due to availability or the ability to drive.

The remaining hours were spent organizing the drive. My personal emphasis is on the finances involved, which overlapped well with fundraising. This includes reaching out to local retailers and companies for food/money donations, filling out grants, and ensuring that all the paperwork was complete, as we are a non-profit charity. While my official title is Finance Chair, and that is my focus, I worked with my team members on everything, helping out wherever necessary so I do take part in fundraising activities, administrative activities, etc. as well.