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Aug 19, 2016
Hi all,

I am a recent graduate with a degree in Economics. I have decided that I want to go back and go to medical school. Below is a small background on me. All advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Started college at a state school as a bio major then got involved with economics and thought about doing going to the financial services route after hearing my family of physicians say do not do medicine. I transferred from my state school to a top 15 school if that means anything where I majored in econ. My parents still wanted me to take the premed classes and do econ when I transferred. My acceptance was conditioned upon me taking Orgo 1 in six weeks at anther school. I take Orgo 1 and then struggled in Orgo 2 partly because of learning orgo 1 so quickly and not knowing where my Orgo edu stopped began. During college I struggled with some personal issues that did not really get solved until senior year. I've gotten them cleared up.

SAT: 1310(M+CR)/1940

Cumulative college GPA: ~3.5

Research: Publication in a journal and will have 2nd when PI write the article.

Volunteer: Do not have a record.

Science Classes taken:
Bio: B+
Bio 2: A
Calc 1: A
Chem 1: A
Chem 2: W

Orgo 1: B
Calc 2: A

Stats: A
Orgo 2 Lab: B (dropped the lecture)
Ultimately stopped pursuit of medicine


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May 19, 2016
u took some pre-med classes so look into some post bacc or and maybe some career changer programs.


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Aug 19, 2016
What would my chances look like if I just went back and took classes at my state school vs doing a structured post bacc?