Want to share a room for PM&R Board Review Course 2016 (Seattle at University of Washinton)?

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Feb 5, 2008
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Hello! I'm looking for someone to share a room in Seattle!

I am attending the University of Washington PM&R Board Review Course in Seattle this year (2016) from March 13 (Saturday) to March 19 (Saturday). I am flying in on Saturday, March 12 and planning to leave Saturday, March 19 (but if someone needed to, I can stay until Sunday since flights are at odd times for me to get home, so I would miss the last lecture). I have a room booked at the Hotel Monaco (a 4-star super chic) Kimpton Hotel) in downtown. It's about 8 miles from campus, but we share an Uber or take public transportation. Wouldn't mind biking either (you can rent bikes there). The hotel which the course organizers booked is $150 + taxes per night and the group rate is available until Feb. 15. I got a room for $203 per night + taxes & hotel fees (with AAA and my membership with the Kimpton group). It's a beautiful hotel, comfy beds (nice to have after a full day of sitting in lecture), hip bar and restaurant, great area near museums, shopping, dining. I can change my room to 2 queen beds (which can accomodate up to 4) OR upgrade to a double queen suite (with nice sitting area, etc.. It all just depends on how many people are interested and respond to this post. I'm not married to this hotel, so if others are getting a group together and are reading this, I'm open to other ideas.

So... I think you may want to know a little about me... I'm pretty laid back, a recent grad from residency (but a bit older), but for personal reasons, had to hold off on taking boards... so yes, I'm an attending. If you are in your last year of training, I'm happy to pass on any words of advice that I can about looking for jobs, etc.. I'm in private practice, but still do teach with the nearby residency program and participate in academics. My practice is primarily in outpatient Pain Management, Sports, MSK. Lots of interventional spine (more and more ultrasound and adding Regenerative Medicine as well). Some spasticity management (thus TBI, stroke, SCI) is also included.

I like to have fun and wouldn't mind exploring the city a bit (bars, food, etc.), if someone wanted to... but if you want to do your own thing, I'm fine with that too. Not looking to have parties or anything, but maybe a drink or two after class or dinner. I'm pretty much up for anything and go with the flow. Will be using the gym... did I mention that yoga classes are included at Hotel Monaco?? I'm okay sharing a room with guys, but not my bed.

I'd like to know a bit about you too if you're interested.

I've been try to decide on a course for a few years, so asked a ton of people... thought I'd pass on what I learned, for those of you still trying to decide.
I chose this course because I had friends who live on the East coast that went to NYU, Kessler and Wash. They all liked Wash best. Other friends took Baylor and Wash. They also liked Wash best. Kessler came out 2nd overall. Ultimately, Kessler is longer and more expensive, so Wash won out for me, even though it's further away from where I live.

If you're interested, please feel free to shoot me a message on here. We can trade info and discuss details from there.
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