Wayne State EACPHS class of 2024... anyone interviewed and waiting for an email?

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Jan 24, 2019
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Has anyone here interviewed on 10/1 early decision? What did you think of it? I personally thought it wasn't too bad. It’s so nerve-wracking waiting for an email now though.
Anyone that’s interviewed in the past, how long should I expect to wait?

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Yes, I interviewed ED on 10/01.. looking forward to that email! At the informational meeting when they had both sessions it looked like there were around 50 people in total, which is good because I have heard they accept 40-60 people from the ED interviews every year.
I wonder if they are sent out in batches. Have most people heard back already?
I'm still waiting, but it doesn't look so good. Those who have been accepted, do you mind sharing your stats?
I wouldn't be worried if you haven't received a letter yet, I bet they're sending them out in batches so we just got lucky and got the first round. I had a 3.8 pharmcas GPA and a 66 PCAT for my stats. Never worked in a pharmacy before.
Were you morning or afternoon?
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There is hope for us afternoon people!!
I know some afternoon people who have been accepted as well. I still haven't received an accepted or deferred email, so maybe they're still reviewing apps?
anyone have any idea how many people got accepted through early decision this year?
anyone have any idea how many people got accepted through early decision this year?
the office told me they will be reviewing apps until the middle of this week, so according to them the early decision class hasn't been finalized yet