pharmacy interview

  1. diana2000

    open file or closed file???

    i have interviews coming up and i am pretty nervous regarding the whole open file and closed file type thing. I checked the SDN pharmacy school interview feedback where it shows what type of interview it was and it gave me a mixed response for the schools. But my question is, even though i did...
  2. L

    Pharmacy interview?

    I recently got interviews from pharmacy programs and does getting an interview mean you're basically in? i was surprised because I applied to high ranking schools and managed to get an interview. They emailed me saying my interview date and that they're going to go over my academic record to see...
  3. M

    Wayne State EACPHS class of 2024... anyone interviewed and waiting for an email?

    Has anyone here interviewed on 10/1 early decision? What did you think of it? I personally thought it wasn't too bad. It’s so nerve-wracking waiting for an email now though. Anyone that’s interviewed in the past, how long should I expect to wait?
  4. R

    Western University of Health Sciences Pharmacy Program

    Hello, I recently got an acceptance letter for the PharmD program from Western University in Pomona. Are there any current students or alumni that can give me the pros and cons of attending this university? I live in NorCal and would like to know how the student life is before making a big...
  5. D

    University of Utah Class of 2022 (Entering 2018)

    Hi, is anyone attending the interview on Friday, 1/26/18? If you're a current student or have already attended the interviews, can you please give insight into what we can expect?? For instance, possible interview questions, things we should bring etc.
  6. S

    Touro ny pharmacy interview/acceptance

    Has anybody that interviewed in November gotten an acceptance/rejection letter? Because I haven't heard anything back and it's about time for Christmas break. If so, when was your interview date?
  7. P

    pharmacy interview

    Hello, I have an interview next week at South University in Columbia, South Carolina. This is my first interview! Did anyone go there for interview? How do I prepare for it and what are the topics for the writing prompt? Thanks
  8. P

    D'Youville College of Pharmacy class of 2022

    Hey, I recently got accepted into D'Youville College of Pharmacy for August 2018, anyone have interviews or have been accepted already??
  9. traecummings

    Texas A&M Irma Rangel Pharmacy C/O 2022

    Turned in my application for early decision and have been hunting for a thread to pop up for Texas A&M so I figured I would get one going. Any one else checking their email relentlessly for the interview?
  10. PharmMavoDal

    Pharmacy School interview! OU college of Pharmacy

    Anyone else scheduled for an interview at the Oklahoma College of Pharmacy? Mine it tomorrow :) Anyone out there that did the early decision interviews? If so, how did it go? Give me all the details!!!! pls :)
  11. F

    Creighton Interview December 9 2016

    Hi all, I received an invitation to interview at Creighton University School of Pharmacy. I went on to their student portal to register for my interview (one is coming up December 9th so I need to register ASAP) but there is no link to register for the interview. The only links I see are...
  12. F

    Interview at University of Arkansas Medical Sciences (UAMS)

    Chances of acceptance after landing an interview with UAMS? Chances of landing interviews with other schools (Creighton, KU, Drake, Iowa?)
  13. E

    Campbell University Pharmacy Interview

    Has anyone received interview invitations to Campbell yet? And if so, any feedback or sample questions? Thanks.
  14. AllyLynnn

    CVS Pharmacy Tech

    Hi! I just recently got hired as a pharm tech for cvs. I was just wondering if anyone has experience working as one for cvs? I have heard a lot of negatives but I think I can live with them. But.. My main question is.. How long is the hiring process? The manager called me around 4 days ago and...
  15. M

    Interview result

    Do pharmacy schools send rejection email after interview? or they just just don't send anything?
  16. E

    Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Interview/Feedback 15-16 cycle

    Hi, I interviewed with Ohio State COP the morning of Feb 27th and that same evening I got an email saying that OSU COP has reviewed my application and want to offer me admission however there are no directions on how to pay the deposit and no deadline or anything. I was just wondering if this is...