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Oct 17, 2001
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As part of my preparation for the interview at WSU last year, I browsed through all the feedback for that school on and isolated all the inteview questions that people said they were asked. Since that site is down I see you guys don't even have the opportunity to do the hard work that I did. I'm hoping this list will go a long way towards lessening that disadvantage.

If I could tell the admissions committee one thing, what would it be?
I was asked the 5 adjectives friends would use to describe me question.
He also asked what he should tell the committee to really "sell" me.
What can you offer to Wayne State University?
What career would you choose if you could not become a physician?
Why do you feel that there should be a basic standard of medical care available to everyone?
When/why did you decide to become a doctor?
What is the biggest problem with medicine? What is the biggest ethical problem with medicine?
What was the most enjoyable moment in your life?
Were you ever treated unfairly?
What he should tell the committee about me?
What?s one ethical issue you think we'll face in the future? How do you plan to deal with it?
What are the cons of socialized medicine?
Propose a hypothesis to test
What's the biggest problem in healthcare? How would you solve it?
Was there ever something you did that "seemed like a good idea at the time," but upon further consideration wasn't a good idea?
When did you have to make an important decision in your life?
If I would favor a Constitutional Amendment making basic health care a human right?
Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi are all applying to your medical school. You may only admit one; who do you pick and why?

The five adjectives questions seemed universal (atleast when I was applying). Good luck!!
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