Wayne State vs. Creighton (Phoenix)

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Oct 21, 2022
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Wayne State
  • More home residencies in competitive specialties
  • Greater number of clinical partners
  • Has Karmanos Cancer Center (My gap year work and strong interest is in cancer research)
  • Has 4 year MD/MBA (One of my strong interests)
  • Strong research opportunities
  • Great match list
  • Away from home
  • Mid to sub-par facilities
  • Large class size
  • Have heard mixed things about administration

Creighton (Phoenix Campus)
  • In my hometown
  • Partnered with Barrow Neurological Center
  • Mid-range class size (120)
  • Strong ethical and Jesuit values
  • Supportive student body and faculty
  • New campus (opportunity to get involved and lead many clubs)
  • Lower number of home residencies
  • Other than Barrow, no large academic affiliation
  • Lesser research opportunities
  • Potentially less well-known to east coast residency programs (where I desire to train)
COA is similar for both schools. Everyone at Creighton has been incredibly nice and supportive, but I feel Wayne may put me in a better position for applying to residency.

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I would say that both schools are on a similar level. If matching to east coast is your priority though, I would maybe lean towards Wayne? I don’t think that the research opportunities should factor too much into your decision though since I heard that at creighton you can do research at other places like mayo or UA. You could probably match to the east coast though if you do well enough at either school I imagine.
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Also worth highlighting that having fewer home residency programs/academic affiliations should be a consideration for matching. While you goal is East Coast, it's always good to have a home program that you have a better chance of matching at should you decide you'd like to stay in the area or not get as many East Coast interviews.
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