Jun 16, 2017
Hey everyone!

There's a thread which was in 2011 inquiring about the differences in the universities. But now a few years later and the wrinkles seem to be ironed out at the UCVM, I was wondering what made you choose WCVM or UCVM?

On the vet university ranking they are pretty close to each other, WCVM is well established, UCVM seem to have a lot of opportunities for their students.

Just looking for more information on what made you choose one over the other.

I have an interest in large animal, equine especially.



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Dec 16, 2015
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Hey, we have discussed this quite a bit in the school specific threads. Search up WCVM/UCVM class of ____ or whatever the name was. There is one for every year.

Speaking of that maybe we should start one for this year even though applications don't open for a month. :laugh:
Jun 16, 2017
Thanks for your reply.

I did indeed go through some of the pass threads. I guess that I had the biast opinion of an alumni from WCVM who said the UCVM curriculum isn't up to snuff as the WCVM. So I was gearing up for WCVM. But I live in Alberta and have the chance to apply to both but wasn't too due to this person very convincing opinions. But the more I read on the UCVM the more intrigued I am about the community based experiences and how I believe it can open doors to the students and all the diverse experiences. It's the only vet school like that in Canada. Hence why I was looking opinions on why people choose the university they do.

We all know UCVM offers hands on the first year in and WCVM is theory only the first year. WCVM say they are science based, however UCVM is aiming to be technology advanced.

Just looking for people to shed more light / experiences / thoughts on a big decision.
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