What after ECE

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dr fairy

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Nov 8, 2007
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i had sent my docs to ece and had requested dem to forward a copy to jcnde.
I have received my copy and gt 3.91 .
I havent received any info from jcnde. How do i register for the exam now?

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All u have to do is to apply for the exam now. Once u recieved ur ece report its understood tht jcnde has it too. so now u gotta fill the electronic application for the exam on ada website . They will send u a confirmation email then u can set a date for the exam at prometric. Thts it

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hey...i'm confused to find my gpa......its written like grade average is 2.7.If only the final grades for repeated subjects r included,then the GPA is 3.1.so which one is my GPA??
plz help me...
thank you...