Aug 21, 2017
Pre-Medical, MD/PhD Student
What are my chances as well as suggestions for places I might apply?

Attended a top 20 liberal arts college in the US. Undergrad GPA: 3.93. Science GPA: 3.92 MCAT: 521
Major: Theatre; History. Thesis in History of Science. Summa Cum Laude. Phi Beta Kappa.

Attending Grad school in the fall MA in History of Science from Yale.
Publications: 2 middle author (1 in Inorganic Chemistry, 1 in Law)

Employment: RA for 3 years inorganic chemistry lab; TA 2 years chemistry
Extracurriculars: Varsity athlete (div3) 3 years All American; Vice president student newspaper; President mental health club; volunteer for food bank

Summer activities:
1st year: Tagalog immersion program, Cebu
2nd year: Volunteer 8 weeks hospital
3rd year: Clinical internship Pakistan
4th year: Summer school finishing pre-reqs

Gap year: ESL teacher Pakistan

Languages: Cantonese; French; Urdu (fluent)-- Tagalog (intermediate, not great)
not an URM--half asian; half white
I wrote a play for a class once.

-withdrew from 3 classes sophomore spring because of eating disorder/suicide attempt and subsequent 2 month hospitalization. The classes I did finish I got B+s in and learned the material on my own while I was in hospital.
-No recommendations from employers
-didn't decide to be pre-med until junior year
-Canadian citizen not American


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Jun 10, 2010
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You look quite competitive. Invest in MSAR Online and target schools that have taken more than a handful of internationals.
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