What counts as English?

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Mar 12, 2013
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I am going to be registering for my last semester and applying to dental schools this cycle. I am just trying to make sure before I register whether or not my English requirements have been fulfilled? I'm not exactly sure what dental schools specify as an "English" course. I will list the writing/english-related courses I have taken thus far.

Rhetoric and Composition
Fall of Rome/Rise of Byzantium
African-American Studies
History of Comics
The Politics of Food
Financial Literacy and Capabilities

I am a Biochemistry major.

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Beware that some schools require 8 semester units of English. The school I will be attending this fall had this requirement. Thus, sometimes taking two semester worth of English is not enough to satisfy the requirement.
Well, that makes no sense. There are no classes in my school with a specific code of ENGL . . . Rhet and Comp has a GEN course...but that is just saying it is a General course.
Nvm I called my state school and they said any writing intensive course would work...so Rhet and Comp and like 3 others I have. Thanks though.