What did you wear for the interview?

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Nov 11, 2008
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Hello. guys.

I know that some of them already had several interviews and waiting for acceptance letter.

For me.... it is not.. I have an interview on dec.

what did you guys wear for the interview?

I know that this is kinda stupid question,, but I have a suit which is white on top and black bottom..

Do you think this is not appropriate?

Do they really care about what you wear??

Give me some idea,,, If it is not appropriate, I am gonna buy a black suit.

what do you think?


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Jul 1, 2008
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I don't know how adcoms would look at your black/white suit, but I'd not consider that a professional suit. Buy a navy or black suit (NOT toxido since it's shiny even thou it's good to shine during your interview :)), wear a white or blue shirt, and a tie that contain colors of both your suit and a tie. Striped tie should be OK , but I don't know if stripes should be wide or narrow (I picked narrow stripes). And again nobody told me about their expressions of my suit but I'm sure they have an item to be checked called "appearance".

Good luck to all of us.