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What Do You Guys Think Of Louisiana State University College of Dentistry!!

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Nov 16, 2003
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Just curious to know if and you guys know much about LSU. I heard it is a really good clinical school. Is this true? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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Good school with great, stand-alone facilities (they are located a few miles away from the downtown LSU health sciences center complex). The facilities are located near City Park of New Orleans, and there is a lot of open green space where barbecues are held and intramural football is played.

They share basic science faculty with the medical school, although some teach exclusively at the dental school. They are considered strong clinically simply due to variety of pathology that is seen over four years. The clinical professors are for the most part very good teachers, but there are bad apples in the bunch (but this is probably true of any dental school).

Relatively small class (~60/year), they take mainly Louisiana residents but have a deal with Arkansas and they'll take 2-4 per year from that state. About six years ago they started to take between 3-5 out-of-state students per class, and they charge them out-of-state tuition (10K vs. 22K).

Graduates are successful with many staying in the Louisiana area. Motivated and qualified students obtain residencies in ortho/endo/pedo/perio/prosthodontistry and OMFS.

The man to correspond with is Dr. Jim Weir. He is the assistant dean of admissions and he has a lot of pull when it comes to who's in and who's out. And just FYI, it's called the LSU School of Dentistry.
i spent a few years at tulane grad school, and also worked for a while in the LSU health system. im not sure which state you are from, but unless you are a LA resident, you may find the culture somewhat of a difficult adjustment. except for 4 -5 spots in the freshman class, all the students are from LA. also, you need to keep in mind that louisiana does not accept board scores from the south-east regional exam, like all other boardering states. so, if you plan to move back to your home state after graduation, you would need to study for two boards at the same time :eek:

just an inside piece of info... the entire LSU health care system is loosing cash, and the dental services offered in the hospitals are the first to be cut. im not sure how this impacts the d-school, but i would definately keep that in mind.

best wishes,
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Dr. Burgess works with the restorative and dental materials departments. I attended one of his lectures at the ADA this year and he is an incredible lecturer, you can really learn a lot from him. He mentioned that they let the 3rd and 4th year students do CAD-CAM restorations...

If there are other faculty members there like him, then I bet it is a great school
Dental Cutie:

Your whole statement about LSU Health Science Center loosing cash is true, however, the dental services at LSUHSC Charity is perfectly fine. When I was there this past June-July, this exact issue was addressed and the dental department at Chairty is now fully funded by other fundings.

U of A, Mike:

I don't know the details of LSU dental school, but I'll share what I know:

1) there's a dental hygiene program there and nearly 100% are girls. I looked at the class composites and there are A LOT of beautiful ladies!

2) the dental building is very clean and nice

3) sim lab is older

4) Strong clinical exposure/education (there are both procedural and financial graduation requirements)

5) right next to a cheap golf course

6) Library's cool

7) it's not with the LSU undergrad campus which is in Baton Rouge, LA
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