Mar 16, 2010
Hey guys. So I'm getting quite a few rejections over the past few months and I feel very lost in life right now... I need some sort of direction to get back onto the Med School competitive track or at least something to do come September that can help me become more competitive in the future.

Getting so many rejections like this is new to me because I was accepted to everywhere that I applied to when transitioning from B.C. grade 12 to university.

I feel like I never really got the hang of university... My grade 12 marks were in the 90-95% range and in university I am struggling just to get B/B+/A- in my classes.

Here are my stats

McGill: (currently in last semester)
Bach. of Sci: Physiology
Minor in Management
cGPA = 3.23

29R and 28Q

Extra Currics:
- over 150 hours at hospital over the course of 1.5 years
- volunteer research assistant at a lab for 1 year (supervisor is a phd student who is finishing up and will probably give me some co-author credit)
- executive on several student run clubs on campus (president of one club)

Applications: (results)
UBC Med: (no interview)
UBC MPH program: (regrets)
UBC 2nd undergrad: (1st choice: science = pending + waiting for final transcript) (2nd choice: engineering = accepted)
UOttawa Med: (no interview)
McMaster Med: (no interview)
McGill Med: (no interview)
McGill Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy: application under review
Ireland (Atlantic Bridge Program) RCSI, Trinity, Dublin, Limerick: under review / no response yet
Australia (Oztrekk - Queensland): under review + waiting for transcript / proof of graduation

I guess what I'm asking is what the next step to take would be. I wouldn't mind doing PT & OT at McGill to get some clinical experience + shot at getting a higher GPA in a masters program. Ireland schools are also still an option for me, though I hear that the first round of interviews have already been sent out and conducted (I didn't get any notification from ABP to date). And finally, Queensland probably won't get back to me until July/August since their semester starts in January.

What worries me the most is that I potentially have no options and nowhere to go in September. What suggestions do you guys have? I'm open to pretty much anything.... volunteering, going back to school to do a 2nd undergrad and boost my GPA, etc...

I really want to end up as a physician in the future, but currently I am dreading the thought of having nothing to do after graduation except applying to be a Lab Tech at research labs with my science undergrad degree =(.
Mar 1, 2010
What was the breakdown for those MCAT scores? Are they both balanced scores?

You need to raise that cGPA and consider US schools also.