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Jun 25, 2016
I am a student at Hunter College (Lower-Junior) and took and finished Bio 1 this summer. It was the hardest class I've taken in my life (and I passed OCHEM with A's). It wasn't the material, it was straight forward, it was the tests she makes. Bio at Hunter College is notoriously known for being a GPA killer and many have warned me not to take it here. I told myself how hard could it be, I have the whole summer, more studying time, and no other classes to worry about. And I did, I worked my ass off and studied way more than I should've and knew the material by heart.

I got a D. OGPA: 3.43 --> 3.24 SGPA 3.48-->3.29

This did KILL my GPA. Now, since this is the grade majority of the class gets, D is considered a passing grade and allows you to take Bio 2, which I will be taking. This along with Physics 2. I know that I most likely will not do any better in Bio 2 because its the same professor.

I had a 4 year plan to graduate in 4 years, because Pre-Meds at Hunter don't graduate in 4 years (because of the insanely hard science classes, most end up failing and having to retake) but this D in Bio basically ruins my whole plan. Because even if I do retake Bio 1, its guaranteed I'm not getting any where near an A. So it won't do my GPA any good, and I'm only gonna retake it because a C is the cutoff for most dental schools.

Hunter only offers Bio 1 in the spring and Bio 2 in the Fall. So heres my dilemma.

If I do retake it Spring 2017, I will have to take it alongside Biochem 1(another infamous class) and Calclus 1 and a Chem elective. This feels nearly impossible as I would have to give majority of my time to Bio 1 and obviously I can't. So should I throw my 4 year plan in the garbage and space out my science classes more and stretch my undergrad into 5 years, so 3 more years. Or should I stay an extra semester, making it 4 1/2 years and space it out with a slightly better load. Or should I continue with my plan, and torture myself and end up getting terrible grades in these classes.

If I decide to stay the extra semester after senior year, how does applying to dental school work then. When would I have to take the DAT and when would apply, would I have to take a gap year.

I am torn, what would you guys recommend. 5 years route, extra semester after senior year, or take a gamble and go all in on the 4 year plan.

Heres there teacher that teaches Bio 1 at Hunter if you don't believe me: Classes are called Bio 100 & 102


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Mar 2, 2015
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Why not take some classes at a different college?
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