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Jun 11, 2009
Berkeley, CA
I'm getting my BS from UC Berkeley this Spring, but still need to complete a couple prereqs for pharmacy, so I plan on doing those at a community college.

Also, I think I should retake some classes that I got C's in to raise my GPA because it's pretty low--a 2.8 overall.

I still need to study for and take the PCAT.

And I JUST got a job as a pharmacy clerk for this summer. The owner said she wants to start me out as a clerk to gain more experience before she lets me work as a pharmacy tech. This will be my first pharmacy-related experience.

I was planning on applying the next cycle (to enter pharmacy school in 2011) but should I wait and apply the cycle after that or just go ahead and apply this year anyways? This way I would have more pharmacy experience and more time to raise my GPA.

Your advice is greatly appreciated!


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Aug 9, 2009
If you've got the money, go ahead and apply. Just be sure to get really good grades between now and then. Do awesome on the PCAT!


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Dec 12, 2009
Pharmacy Student
In my opinion, apply anyway. You will never know if you get accepted from a pharmacy school or not. The down side might be a few hundreds bucks (about 6 school ~$500 i think + mailing only). The good side is that if you get an interview and get accepted, that is way much better than staying behind another year. Contrarily, if your the type of person who cannot take too much class in 1 year and feel that you are rushing yourself into completing your BS degree and that your grade can be affect by it, than I think applying 2011 is better. It is up to your choice! :D

I am finishing my BS degree this spring (took me 5 years to complete) because I am not the type of guy that like to rush school. I tried rushing one semester once and end up with a g.p.a. of 2.8 ouch! (retook 2 class next semester)