When to complete prerequisite requirements prior to matriculation (1 lab left)


2+ Year Member
Mar 13, 2016
Hey all. I'm applying to Texas schools via TMSDAS for entry in Fall of 2018. I have one lingering requirement left: Ochem 2 lab.

It normally wouldn't be a big deal, but because I travel a lot for work (M-Th) I've been unable to take the lab (as I would miss out on labs which I'm assuming is a big no no).

Does anyone know if Texas schools in particular have a deadline for when to complete prerequisites? If I get in, I was thinking that I could quit my job in Summer of 2018, and take a 5 week Orgo 2 lab course that would finish by July 9th. Would that be sufficient for Texas schools? Or will I have to look for a job for 5-6ish months that would allow me to take the lab during Spring of 2018?

Any advice is appreciated. If there are weekend options in DFW, I would love to hear about those.

I'm also a non-traditional, so it's been 3ish years since I've been out of school.
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