1. wannabeadentistbaby

    Applying to TX Dental Schools OOS

    Hey everyone! I really want to attend dental school in Texas. I am from Louisiana, but my dad grew up in Texas and completed his medical school and residency training in Houston. He moved to Louisiana to practice medicine, and I do not want to follow in his path lol. I have spent alot of time...
  2. M

    TMDSAS Reapplicant with no II. Considering options moving forward.

    I graduated one year ago and I am a reapplicant this year. I was hoping to have some success this cycle but it’s been quite the opposite. No II’s yet and we are a couple of days into November. Primary was submitted the first week of June and was transmitted by the last week of June. Secondaries...
  3. S

    WAMC sGPA trends w/ 517 MCAT

    So I already made a WAMC post but I realized my GPAs (especially TMDSAS sGPA) were slightly miscalculated. I have since clarified what will count as science and what won't. cGPA = 3.7, MCAT = 517 TMDSAS sGPA trend: 3.1, 3.1, 4.0, 4.0 TMDSAS sGPA = 3.571 AMCAS sGPA trend: 3.160, 3.294, 3.806...
  4. S

    Advise for a Mid-Cycle Contemplator

    So to put things short -- I am facing a future with many different paths and was looking for some input. I am currently in the midst of the 2019-2020 cycle. I applied to all of the TMDSAS schools (including TCOM) early, have submitted all of my secondaries, and am currently waiting for...
  5. nah2016

    Texas stats

    Texas residents who've either been invited to interviews or received an acceptance, what were your stats? (doesn't have to be from this cycle)
  6. R


  7. T

    Question about reusing hardship for secondary essay (UTSW)

    Hey guys, One of the questions for UTSW's MSTP secondary is: If you wish, please describe major hardships or adversity you have overcome to reach this point in your life (if none, please state “none”). I was wondering if I could reuse my hardship essay topic from my TMDSAS primary...
  8. R

    Reapplicant needing help with school list/WAMC

    Please do not quote this thread. Hello everyone, I hope y'all are doing well. I'm a current reapplicant and I hope to make it in this cycle! Any constructive advice would be very helpful! Date of submission: TMDSAS June 13 AADSAS Hopefully before July Calculated GPA on TMDSAS Overall GPA: 3.51...
  9. wysdoc

    The Republic of Texas XXXVIII : The Cowboy Code

    Starting this Texas Applicant talk and support thread for 2019-2020 application season. We usually post progress, news, and later, updates, acceptances, and Waitlist action regarding all the Texas medical schools. Try to keep technical questions about TMDSAS on the official TMDSAS questions...
  10. arrowslinger

    Seeking advice on application and what to do after.

    I am a ORM white male in Texas with a 3.3 GPA and a 2.8-3.0 BCPM GPA (I majored in nutrition and am unsure if certain classes will be counted). I have 332 hours of combined shadowing and 2 internships one from a local pediatric center and one from MD. Anderson in Leukemia, as well as research in...
  11. wysdoc

    *~*~*~*Official TMDSAS Questions Thread 2019-2020*~*~*~*

    Welcome one and all, to the TMDSAS 2019-2020 application cycle! I'm not going to repeat everything in the Application handbook but just some tips to save you from frustration. DON'T use the back button on your browser while working on your application. DON'T copy/paste your essays into the...
  12. Z

    TMDSAS MCAT Dilemma

    I'm a reapplicant this upcoming cycle, hoping to better my MCAT score. I understand that the earlier you apply, the better and that the Texas application opens for submission on May 1st. I don't plan on taking the MCAT until May 31st (score release July 2nd). My dilemma is this: if I apply in...
  13. A


  14. ElysiumHaven

    (2019) - TMDSAS and Cognitive Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Science GPA

    Hi, Has anyone had abnormal psychology or cognitive psychology successfully listed as counting towards their science GPA with TMDSAS? I just wanted to confirm and update with someone, since the threads on SDN that I found were from 2007 and may not be relevant to the current times as of the...
  15. ThatAggieGuy

    Need some help deciding (Texas Schools)

    Today, I was accepted to Dell medical school! Although I'm very excited, I am also very torn between the 3 schools I prematched to: UTSW, Dell, UTH (Mcgovern). I need some help and different input (possibly from other applicants or medical students) to begin finalizing my choice. Currently I...
  16. R

    Scheduling my MCAT and Application Cycle based on my GPA

    I'm a 19 yr old URM black male, 3.7 GPA, finishing up the first semester of my junior year. I'm shadowing two doctors, started undergraduate research this semester, am involved in hospital volunteering, a volunteering and mentoring organization for low income youth in my college city, african...
  17. U

    No texas interview [texas resident]

    Primaries submitted end of June Secondaries submitted end of July and first week of August MCAT: 512 [128 x 128 x 128 x 128] GPA: 3.6 cumulative and 3.6 science with upward trend and A's in most upper levels Do I have a chance or no? Edits: - 3 semesters teaching assistant (biology) and...
  18. airplanegowoosh

    Mistake in TMDSAS with hours

    Hello everyone! This is my first time on SDN so I apologize if I make a mistake with the thread or miss any pertinent information. A bit of background, I am a ORM Texas resident with a 4.0 GPA and 517 MCAT. I have had five II's in Texas so far, including my dream schools, and have been to four...
  19. E

    How to update medical schools of your MCAT score.

    I want to update a few schools on my improved MCAT score (came in on 8/23). It updated on my TMDSAS and AMCAS, but I am not sure that they will consider it when selecting people for interviews especially since they probably already looked at my app since it transmitted late July. Should I just...
  20. S

    MD & DO WAMC/School list: GPA 3.75, MCAT: 510

    GPA: cGPA 3.75; sGPA 3.66 MCAT: 510 (130/126/125/129) State of Residency: TX Ethnicity/Race: Asian Undergrad Institution: State university Clinical Experience: 243, still accumulating but already applied with 145 and included projected hours on planned activities. Research: RA at...
  21. T

    MD & DO WAMC re-applicant, TX resident, 519 MCAT, 3.5 GPA

    Hispanic Texas Resident cGPA: 3.49 sGPA: 3.44 (C+ in both Ochem 1&2 but A's in Systems Phys/Genetics/BioChem) MCAT 5/5/18: 519 (129/129/129/132) (old MCAT from 2015 was a 31) - 160 hours of physician shadowing (orthopedics and interventional cardiology) -Worked as Community Assistant at...
  22. H

    UNT SMP for Texas Medial Schools (TMDSAS)

    Hey everyone, I have read in multiple threads how TMDSAS MD schools put more emphasis on the uGPA of applicants even with stellar SMP grades (4.0). Would this put an applicant such as myself who has a not so stellar uGPA in the non-competitive stack of MD applicants. I wanted to see if anyone...
  23. R

    Listing AMCAS Schools on TMDSAS

  24. D

    *~*~*~* Official 2018-2019 Secondaries/Interview/Acceptance/Rejection Thread *~*~*~*

    Starting a bit early, but since UTDell starts offering secondaries in June, I figured why not. School: Secondary/Interview/Accep/Rejec: Notification date: Method of notification: Residency: TMDSAS/AMCAS mail-out date: Application complete date: GPA (science, overall) MCAT (Bio/Phys/CARS/Psysoc):
  25. A

    Question about when to submit transcript for AMCAS and TMDSAS (and how to resubmit)

    Hello. I am currently working on my applications and I'm wondering when I should send in my transcripts since my final grades for this semester won't be posted up until May 18th-June 1st. I plan on submitting my application on June 1st and I've already taken all of the pre-reqs (this semester...
  26. B


  27. D

    *~*~*TMDSAS 2019*~*~*

    TMDSAS opened on May 1, 2018 Interview/Acceptance/Rejection School: Notification date: Interview/Acceptance/Rejection date: Method of notification: TMDSAS mail-out date: Application received date: GPA (BCPM, Overall): DAT (AA/TS/PAT/Reading/any section below a 17): Try to use this format when...
  28. wysdoc

    The Republic of Texas XXXVII: Get up. Look up. Show up. Never Give up.

    Starting this Texas Applicant talk and support thread for 2018-2019 application season. We usually post progress, news, and later, updates, acceptances, and Waitlist action. Try to keep technical questions about TMDSAS on the official TMDSAS questions thread. Good luck, all y'all!
  29. bigeman101

    TMDSAS Personal Characteristics Essay

    Hey everyone, Does anyone have some suggestions for the personal characteristics essay for the TMDSAS? Would you recommend starting with a story (like the personal statement) that shows the characteristics and then elaborating on them with a couple paragraphs? Or should I approach it like a...
  30. P

    What qualifies as independent for TMDSAS?

    I am planning on applying this cycle, during Spring/Summer 2018. I'm graduating this spring and will be taking a gap year. To establish Texas residency, would I be considered independent if I was dependent on my parents for ~6 months, but earned enough for the next 6 months so that I provided...
  31. I

    Can I get TMDSAS TX residency through sibling?

    I'm 22 and I've been living with my older sibling (age 24) for the majority of last year. My older sibling is claiming me as a dependent on his tax return since he is a qualifying relative and I've earned less than $4000 for the tax year. My older sibling is a TX residency through employment...
  32. nembry

    can this non-science majors class count as a bio pre req? (TMDSAS)

    A couple years ago I took Biology for non-science majors. 4 hour course with a lab. (TCCCN=Biol 1408) Does anyone know if this can count as a biology pre-req for med school in texas? I know this is probably a dumb question, but worth an ask. Otherwise, assuming Biochem can't count, I will have...
  33. B

    Will I get any more IIs?

    I know it's pretty late in the interview season, and I've had a good run of things so far, but I just want to know if there is any chance of an interview invitation from my remaining schools. Stats follow with list of schools: Bachelor of Music Arts- Oboe overall GPA (as of Fall 2017): 3.68...
  34. I

    Nontraditional planning for rejection

    Hey all. I'm a nontraditional applying this cycle via TMDSAS (Texas application service) to only Texas schools as a Texas resident. My TMDSAS GPA cumulative is 3.87, and science is 3.77. My real GPA (AMCAS) is ~ 3.80. My MCAT is a 520 which makes my LizzyM ~ 75.7. I have research experience...
  35. P

    Texas Medical Association Student

    Is anyone attending a Texas medical school that would be able to tell me about student participation in the Texas Medical Association? I heard there was a way to get involved with the TMA as a medical student and would like to know more about it as I am deciding on schools as this would be a...
  36. Isoval

    Which TMDSAS Schools Send Post-Interview, Pre-Match Rejections?

    Hiya guys: The title says most of it: which TMDSAS schools are known to send post-interview rejections prior to November 15 or February 1st? I'm just curious.