1. W

    Long SOM vs Dell

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out which school to rank higher on TMDSAS. I could find only one post about this from 2018. Now that 4 years have passed and Dell has become more established, I'm curious to hear other opinions on this comparison. Personally, I found the culture/ vibe at both...
  2. T

    WAMC TMDSAS 4.0/517 ORM (2023-24)

    TMDSAS applicant (Texas resident here) 1. 4.0 cGPA and sGPA 2. 517 MCAT 3. TX Residency 4. ORM (Asian) 5. -- 6. Clinical experience: 500 hrs 7. Research Experience: 400 hrs 8. Shadowing: 100 hrs 9. Non-clinical volunteer: 300 hrs Mostly curious about chances at higher stat Texas schools like...
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  4. W

    "Do you have a parent or legal guardian who is a physician or is in medical school?"

    I am filling out the application, and one question asks "Do you have a parent or legal guardian who is a physician or is in medical school?" My mother went to medical school before immigrating to the US and obtained an MBBS, but never practiced (in that country or in the US). In the US, she was...
  5. wysdoc

    *~*~*~* Official TMDSAS Questions Thread 2022-2023 *~*~*~*

    Welcome to the 2022-2023 application cycle for TMDSAS! Whether you're already a Texan or you just figured out it's the best state of the 50, here's where you can learn about applying on the TMDSAS application system. TMDSAS has gone modern this year and the 2022-2023 Application Guide is all...
  6. E

    Long SOM (UT San Antonio) vs. McGovern (Houston)

    I have currently been accepted to both Long SOM and McGovern and am having trouble deciding between the two schools. Long SOM: I have been offered a full-ride here, so I would be able to graduate without debt. I really enjoyed my interview here, but I've never been to San Antonio nor do I know...
  7. Cracking Med Admissions

    Medical This Week: Dr. Rizal's Medical School Application Master Class + Office Hours

    Hi everyone! We have two FREE events this week to help you get into medical school. These events are geared towards premeds who are applying to medical school this year. Medical school applications open in ONE WEEK. Learn how to STAND OUT and ask Dr. Rachel Rizal any specific questions you...
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  10. Stoppingtheworld

    TMDSAS: Dell vs UTSW

    Hi Everyone. Thanks for taking the time to review this post. I have been caught between Dell vs UTSW for quite some time. Before the winter holiday, I had decided on UTSW being the best choice for me, due to the proximity to home and prestige. However, Dell has offered me a full tuition...
  11. S

    McGovern vs UHCOM w/ Scholarship

    Trying to decide what to rank first, and am looking for y'all's thoughts. As of right now, I think I want to go into primary care, PM&R, or anesthesiology but this could easily change. Note: I haven't prematched at McGovern UHCOM Pros Received full-tuition scholarship P/F Brand new building...
  12. C

    TMDSAS Rank: UTSW vs. McGovern

    Hello everyone, With TMDSAS Match coming up, I need help deciding between UTSW and UT McGovern. Right now I am leaning towards McGovern, but I need help deciding. Both have a great curriculum and clinical/research opportunities, and similar class size - Feel free to discuss this opinion! That...
  13. M

    TMDSAS rank help please!

    I know it's still early, but I'm trying to get as much information as possibly. This is a big decision so I'd really appreciate everyone's input/thoughts I live in Dallas, prematched with TCOM and interviewed with Dell and McGovern. Dell: It was my first interview and I REALLY enjoyed it...
  14. I

    Question about Dates

    For future application cycles, I believe the important dates are: 1) AMCAS, AACOMAS, and TMDSAS opening and submission dates, 2) the MCAT deadline for that application cycle, 3) CASPer, Duet, Snapshot, and AAMC SJT opening dates (the first dates you can take those tests), 4) secondary...
  15. P

    LOI early in the cycle

    Hi friends, I've been really fortunate to interview at 3 schools now, one of which being my top choice school. Between cost, programs offered, and vibes at the interview, I am confident that I would commit to this school over any of my others, even if I got accepted anywhere else. I know the...
  16. R

    Application updates for schools with no upload?

    Hi! I am a current EY2022 applicant who graduated in May 2021 so I am doing a gap year. Due to COVID-19 my plans were extremely tenuous at the beginning of the application cycle so I put down one of my degree plan options on the primary (Plan B), and then both of my possible options on all of...
  17. A

    Disadvantaged Essay

    hi! i was wondering if anyone could read and critique my essay about my experience growing up in a socioeconomically disadvantaged community. thanks!
  18. A

    Summer Grad Courses GPA AADSAS

    Hello everyone, I have a uncomp. udergrad gpa 2.7, but did a post-bacc retaking my pre-reqs and got a 4.0. It is my first semester in grad school right now doing a masters in medical sciences and im taking 2 class in the A summer term which end next month, and 2 more classes which end in...
  19. A

    TMDSAS Activity

    Hi everyone, I went to the pre-dental days/ impression days at UTSD and TAMCOD, would this go under healthcare activities or extracurricular activities? Thanks!
  20. LindaAccepted

    Medical 5 Tips for Submitting Your TMDSAS Secondaries

    When you apply to TMDSAS, you can select from thirteen medical schools in Texas to submit your application to. Twelve of these schools require secondaries. The secondary essays are due when you submit your primary application. You submit these essays directly to the schools, at the same time...
  21. M

    (Texas) GPA trend mainly in the last 2 years

    Hi guys! I would appreciate any input on how my GPA trends look. I'm studying for the MCAT to take it in about 5ish months to be ready to apply to only Texas schools. I am confident in all the other areas of my application, but my GPA is my weakest area. Past & Current ECs include: (deleted...
  22. T

    Time to panic? (TMDSAS)

    I know people will say it is still "early" in the cycle due to COVID, but I'm getting nervous seeing all of the ii for TMDSAS schools on SDN. I completed all of the Texas school secondaries (except Dell) in mid-July and have only received an ii from UTMB. Anyone else in the same boat? IS, ORM...
  23. U

    (Texas Applicants advice please) Should I retake my DAT?

    Hi everyone, I plan to be applying through TMDSAS for the 2021 cycle and was hoping people could provide some advice on whether I should retake or not. I recently showed my advisor my scores and she recommended I retake, but I've also seen people say that taking the second time could be risky...
  24. U

    Foreign High school/ Advanced credit

    I am a US citizen who did his high school in a foreign country and I earned my GCE A-levels at the end of my high school. I have attended a community College in Texas for 2 years and recently transferred into a university. The problem is that the university I have transferred into has assigned...
  25. B

    Is it too late to apply TMDSAS? I am OOS with no ties.

    I'm a CA resident, female, ORM. Decently high stats -- 517 and 3.84 GPA, ~3.75 sGPA. But since TMDSAS don't see grades as +/-, I think my GPA would go up in their eyes because I have quite a few A-'s that would translate as regular A's in their system. Is it too late to apply to TMDSAS? Thank you
  26. P

    DAT Technical Problems: Retake?

    Hello, I just took the DAT today after having it postponed three times! I need some advice. There were some major technical glitches during my test resulting in me losing lots of time and they may let me retake it within a month to replace the scores free of charge. Should I take it again? I...
  27. W

    Submitting AADSAS without DAT Scores

    Hey everyone! I have already submitted my AADSAS app to my (1) state school, and it has been verified. I have yet to take the DAT (set for July 15). Does anyone know which dental schools are reviewing applications without receiving DAT scores first? Besides that, my application is fully...
  28. W

    Applying to TX Dental Schools OOS

    Hey everyone! I really want to attend dental school in Texas. I am from Louisiana, but my dad grew up in Texas and completed his medical school and residency training in Houston. He moved to Louisiana to practice medicine, and I do not want to follow in his path lol. I have spent alot of time...
  29. M

    TMDSAS Reapplicant with no II. Considering options moving forward.

    I graduated one year ago and I am a reapplicant this year. I was hoping to have some success this cycle but it’s been quite the opposite. No II’s yet and we are a couple of days into November. Primary was submitted the first week of June and was transmitted by the last week of June. Secondaries...
  30. coolalmostchilly

    Who has the best food of the TMDSAS interview trail?

  31. S

    WAMC sGPA trends w/ 517 MCAT

    So I already made a WAMC post but I realized my GPAs (especially TMDSAS sGPA) were slightly miscalculated. I have since clarified what will count as science and what won't. cGPA = 3.7, MCAT = 517 TMDSAS sGPA trend: 3.1, 3.1, 4.0, 4.0 TMDSAS sGPA = 3.571 AMCAS sGPA trend: 3.160, 3.294, 3.806...
  32. S

    Advise for a Mid-Cycle Contemplator

    So to put things short -- I am facing a future with many different paths and was looking for some input. I am currently in the midst of the 2019-2020 cycle. I applied to all of the TMDSAS schools (including TCOM) early, have submitted all of my secondaries, and am currently waiting for...
  33. nah2016

    Texas stats

    Texas residents who've either been invited to interviews or received an acceptance, what were your stats? (doesn't have to be from this cycle)
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  35. T

    Question about reusing hardship for secondary essay (UTSW)

    Hey guys, One of the questions for UTSW's MSTP secondary is: If you wish, please describe major hardships or adversity you have overcome to reach this point in your life (if none, please state “none”). I was wondering if I could reuse my hardship essay topic from my TMDSAS primary...
  36. R

    Reapplicant needing help with school list/WAMC

    Please do not quote this thread. Hello everyone, I hope y'all are doing well. I'm a current reapplicant and I hope to make it in this cycle! Any constructive advice would be very helpful! Date of submission: TMDSAS June 13 AADSAS Hopefully before July Calculated GPA on TMDSAS Overall GPA: 3.51...
  37. wysdoc

    The Republic of Texas XXXVIII : The Cowboy Code

    Starting this Texas Applicant talk and support thread for 2019-2020 application season. We usually post progress, news, and later, updates, acceptances, and Waitlist action regarding all the Texas medical schools. Try to keep technical questions about TMDSAS on the official TMDSAS questions...
  38. arrowslinger

    Seeking advice on application and what to do after.

    I am a ORM white male in Texas with a 3.3 GPA and a 2.8-3.0 BCPM GPA (I majored in nutrition and am unsure if certain classes will be counted). I have 332 hours of combined shadowing and 2 internships one from a local pediatric center and one from MD. Anderson in Leukemia, as well as research in...