1. V

    Post-acceptance paperwork?

    I am thinking about studying abroad for Spanish in the summer before entering medical school, but my school says that since grades don't come out until late August, my diploma might come in October. On file it will also say that I will graduate college in Summer 2020, rather than June 2020. Will...
  2. M

    Matriculation Intent Form- Due today but not ready!

    I received an offer of admission 1 week ago at an MD school (school A). I already have another offer at a school (School B) that is a better fit for me. I've been asked to submit a matriculation intent form by 5 pm today for school A. While I am mostly sure I will be attending B, I feel like I...
  3. lovehate

    is participating in a summer camp considered matriculation

    I was accepted to a medical school that has a 5 day summer camp next week. Is participation in this camp considered the start of matriculation? I am asking this because I am on the waitlist at another school and I know they can't offer me an acceptance once I matriculate at any other school.
  4. D

    Advice for upcoming medical cycle - Texas applicant

    Last cycle, I was severely undereducated about the application process. Thus, I am trying to figure out the complete logistics for my upcoming application. I aim to keep my expectations realistic. This past cycle, naive me, decided to apply to all the medical schools in TX (in September) with a...
  5. Rainbows&Waterfalls

    Should I study/review anything prior to matriculation?

    I was recently accepted to my dream M.D. school and am eager to get started. However, I have been out of school for 1.5 years (for an extended gap year) and am worried that I am going to struggle with my classes at first (compared to my classmates that are fresh out of school). Should I be...
  6. R

    Do grades matter during application year?

    I have already sent in my applications for veterinary school, but I am still taking pre-requisites (Biochemistry, Genetics now and Physiology and Microbiology in the spring). I know I shouldn't fail them or anything, but do I need to get straight A's in these classes or do they matter less now...
  7. I

    When to complete prerequisite requirements prior to matriculation (1 lab left)

    Hey all. I'm applying to Texas schools via TMSDAS for entry in Fall of 2018. I have one lingering requirement left: Ochem 2 lab. It normally wouldn't be a big deal, but because I travel a lot for work (M-Th) I've been unable to take the lab (as I would miss out on labs which I'm assuming is a...
  8. CavsFan2016

    Vaccinations before matriculation?

    sooo I have heard virtually nothing from my school about any vaccinations or physicals that need to be completed prior to orientation in 3 weeks. Does anyone have any idea what the standard protocol is for this?
  9. C

    Need physics 2 and lab ASAP

    Hi all, I need to take physics 2 and the lab in order to graduate on time, and it must be completed by the end of June in order for me to matriculate this year. The course must be above the "introductory" level. "college" or "general" are close enough for further inspection, at least. I know...
  10. C

    Indicating Matriculation

    I was accepted to my first medical school and they sent me login into their system and want me to say I intend to matriculate. If I do that does that mean I commit to them and should wait until end of April to do so? Or does it not matter if I indicate I want to matriculate to multiple schools...
  11. libertyyne

    Pre-matriculation purchases

    What is everyone buying in preparation for medical school? Here is my list : Computer- surface book pro Phone-iPhone 7plus Desk- large Ikea desk Chair- looking for recommendations Backpack- still looking Monitor- 40inch 4k Printer- brother duplex b/w Dr.najeeb lifetime Headphones- Shure 215...
  12. A

    Misdemeanor, Acceptance, Matriculation

    Hello SDN, I have been lucky this cycle and obtained 4 acceptances at this point. 2 MD and 2 DO. I have a criminal history of DUI from 5 years ago. I disclosed the incident in my primary and secondary application and have been honest and taken responsibility of the incident. My question from...
  13. 7

    Undergrad universities with highest matriculation rate?

    Which undergraduate universities have the highest matriculation rate/percentage for pre dental students into dental school? Is there a website or ADEA data table that lists something like this? I want to go on to Dental school and I want to go to an undergrad that maximizes my chances of making...