Aug 16, 2016
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The details to my question are a bit more explanatory than the vagueness of my title. I have thoroughly done my research and am very aware of deadlines/procedures, etc. The only part I am unclear of, is when exactly my designated program (early decision) will receive my application and will be able to start to review it.

My application has been complete, and furthermore is PharmCAS verified as of Monday (8-15-16) with the GPA etc. The only piece missing is my PCAT score being reported to PharmCAS. This Friday will mark 4 weeks since I have taken it (on July 22nd).

So, will my school receive my application at all? Or not until the PCAT is up?

Thank you!


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Jul 17, 2016
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  1. Pre-Pharmacy

My school received my PharmCAS and supplemental applications about a week after I submitted. I emailed the admissions office my official PCAT score report that was made available in the Pearson website and they told me I might hear from them soon. I'm guessing they will make a decision based on the PDF report I sent them (for now, until they receive my official report). Hope this helps!
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